Data and the manipulation of democracy

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Doug Woodard
Data and the manipulation of democracy


Doug Woodard

That was one funny article. One of my favourite parts was this. Anybody with any sense of the US security state knows that Trump is not the archtech anbd he certainly is not laying foundations. If anything he is just icing a cake baked by Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush.  

I am so tired of hearing that the US's descent into fascism started with Trump and that Russia is behind it. Stupid spin is nothing more than stupid spin.

There are three strands to this story. How the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state are being laid in the US. 


What kropotkin said.

This is getting tiresome. Don't I have any original opinions of my own??



based on your comments i didn't get what you 2 did from the article.

i didn't get the sense Trump was starting the descent into fascism from the article at all.

the sense i got from it was it has been going on for a long long time and it was describing past and current means of furthering control of people's minds.

i esp found the link to Victoria interesting. my ex's gpa was a former Camp x operative. we had a bunch of interesting talks about psychops before he died.

i see the article describing the new means of doing it through social media and mainstream too.


I think it's funny that when the democrats are in charge, everyday republicans howl that the current government has too much power, but then when the republicans get in suddenly it's unfair that everything the head of government tries to do is getting blocked. And when the republicans are in charge, everyday democrats howl that the current government has too much power, but once their guy gets in suddenly he doesn't have enough power either.

It's funny not because of the transparent double standard. I would understand if people were okay with an autocrat that works for them and not an autocrat that doesn't work for them. What's funny is people on either side believe that the autocrats on "their" team work for them.