The cult and tragedy of Assange

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The cult and tragedy of Assange

'Risk': A Sad Comedown For Laura Poitras

"...It is everything that Poitras work has not - fortunately - been all about up till this time: self-involved, reachingly melodramatic and filled with unfounded innuendo.

You know the storyline: he's an egotist, control-freak and sexual predator mostly interested in fame and notoriety.

And so it goes in this 91-minute train of poorly structured subjective mush."


Hardly surprising that fake-left Counterpunch would come up with an article written as if the women's movement had never existed.

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Assange could drop dead as far as I'm concerned and he probably lives up to everything said about him and more.


... and an article which says explicitly that rape victims are "useful idiots".

Mr. Magoo

I recall seeing much of the same thing at babble back when it was all fresh news.  A couple of lyin' women, doing the bidding of Uncle Sam.  And IIRC, babble's feminist mandate was temporarily suspended to allow this sort of talk.

Jian Ghomeshi also said it was consensual, and that he was also the recipient of some very flattering and flirty e-mails after the fact, yes?


A visual guide to Ecuador's Julian Assange spy operation

The Ecuadorian government has spent millions of dollars on surveillance of the WikiLeaks founder at its London embassy


Already posted this Guardian disinfo smear  in the active thread NR