When betrayal comes so easily

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When betrayal comes so easily
voice of the damned

There is much speculation as to just why it is going ahead.  It may supply cheap power for fracking. It may supply much needed water to the tar sands, maybe another link in the NAWAPA chain to ship Canadian water to the parched southern US.

May supply water for the tar sands?? You pretty much stated that as an absolute fact on Jan. 10th. You called your article "The Mystery of Site C Dam Solved", and then said that it was to provide water to the tar sands.

(And by the way, mods, Billyard doesn't seem to have gotten the message about babble not being for self-promotion. Not that I really care, but since a warning HAS been given...)

Rev Pesky

From above:

It may supply cheap power...

And here was me, thinking the opposition to Site C was because the power was going to be too expensive.

Then there's the weird bit about the water. Site C will not change the amount of water in the Peace River. Not by one cupful. The Peace runs from Williston Lake to Lake Athabasca, a distance of roughly 1900 kms (following the river's path). Most of it is in Alberta. If the Albertans want to use Peace River water for the tar sands, it is readily available. Site C will not make an iota of difference. 


Stop. Please.

voice of the damned

Unionist wrote:

Stop. Please.

At this point, I don't think there is any use in asking indigo to stop. Even if he is actually reading these threads(and his recent dial-back on his Site C theory might indicate he is), he's pretty clearly indifferent to the wishes of the babble community.

The ball is now in the moderators' court. I'll let someone else notify them this time, if that's what people wanna do.