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TRNN: Finkelstein on Gaza (1/4)

On his groundbreaking new book 'Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom'


Boycott Seinfeld

"Comedian visits Israel 'terror fantasy camp'..."


'After Israel Decimated Gaza, Human Rights Defenders Failed It': Finkelstein

"The worst part is that they are fabricating pretext for Israel when Israel doesn't make a case..."


Bounty Hunters Needed

"MLK weekend Haaretz editorial on Israel paying its citizens big bonuses to round up non-Jewish African refugees, 'bounty hunting - which entails locating, detaining & interrogating black people in the streets, in restaurants or anywhere they can be found..."


Nasrallah: 'Israel Will Be Easier To Defeat Than ISIS'

"Listen, regarding the possibility of war, it is real...This enemy has no strength in himself. And it is possible to defeat him..."


"20 top humanitarian groups say Trump funding cuts to UNRWA will have 'dire consequences' for 'life sustaining' services to the most vulnerable Palestinian refugees...Israel seeks to destroy UNRWA as part of its effort to erase the right of return of Palestinian refugees from the international agenda. Israel opposes allowing Palestinians to return to the homes and lands from which they were ethnically cleansed..."


Gaza Hospitals To Run Out Of Fuel in 10 Days   -  UN

Unprecedented humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. Both Israeli and Hamas officials say war is likely. Lebanon border issues also volatile. Gideon Levy agrees, Israel preparing for war.


Gaza In A Vice

"Palestinians are on their own..."


Israel's Justice Minister Endorses Apartheid

"The Jewish state 'at the expense of equality..."

Canada supports.


"Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip very violently now."


Canada-Israel Defence Coop A Top Priority For CanEmbassy Israel

"Thanks to Embassy of Greece for hosting today."

As for you?  You haven't a clue and are just along for the ride...


"We're Reaching A Point Of No Return in Gaza" - Finkelstein

Canada supports. 


Why High-Profile Businessman Mitch Garber is Bullish on Israeli Economy

"Mitch Garber addresses a State of Israel Bonds gathering in Montreal on Feb 2o. Garber, who walked away with a US$210-million payout from the $4.4-billion sale of a large part of CIE to a Chinese consortium in 2016, is bullish on Israel's high-tech sector, especially in the area of cyber-security. He has an Israeli passport and visits the country every six to eight weeks, Garber told the State of Israel Bonds New Leadership Division on Feb 20.

'There are a lot of misconceptions about doing business in Israel, even among Jews,' Garber said. 'When I started, my Jewish friends said it would be terrible, the Israelis are so arrogant...But this is a good confident arrogance that comes from their Israel Defence Forces experience.' He said that compulsory military service produces men and women who are 'independent, self-sufficient, capable of dealing with adversity, all of which are valuable traits for a entrepreneur.'

New Leadership Division co-chair Israel Steckler said, 'In my opinion, one of the best ways to fight BDS is through investment in the State of Israel."

'Spirit of Hope' 2018

Canadian Zionization proceeds apace...



Trump Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson May Bankroll US Embassy's Jerusalem Move

"The Trump administration's plan to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem from its current location in Tel Aviv has been encouraged by billionaire casino magnate Adelson. He has repeatedly offered to bankroll at least some of the operation, the Associated Press reports. Adelson, a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has since pressured Trump to make the move, particularly in light of the millions of dollars the billionaire has given to the Trump campaign."

Israel Lobby Pressures Qatar To Kill Al Jazeera Documentary

"Two extraordinary events have come together to place Al Jazeera in a vise-like squeeze that may result in the death of a major TV documentary expose about the power and operations of the Israel lobby in the US. This could be yet another lesson in the suffocating political power of the Lobby in national politics. When Israel or the Lobby come under attack nothing must stand in the way..."



The Coming Wars To End All Wars

"The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one. No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem. If they can't find a 'justification' (which they can't), they will have to create one (which they will)."


Israeli Justice

"Jews who beat an African refugee for an hour and a half in front of city hall, killing him and kicking his face until it was unrecognizable, aren't convicted of murder 'due to the difficulty in proving which one of them had caused his death."

Do Black Lives Matter in Israel?

"With Netanyahu ramping up Israel's war on African refugees, I've been receiving more and more requests for information about it. So, for your convenience I've collected them here..."

White supremacy in Israel - Canada supports.


US 'Will Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem in May': US State Department

"It wasn't enough for the US administration to act illegally and destroy the foundations of peace by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. They deliberately chose a tragic day in Palestinian history, 'The Nakba', as an act of gratuitous cruelty adding insult to injury..."


Israel Detains 10 Members of Nabi Saleh's Tamimi Family, Mostly Minors

"Israeli forces Monday detained 10 members of the extended Tamimi family during wide-scale raid and inspection operations in the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, according to Pakistan security services. The village of Nabi Saleh has been the project of intensified Israeli raid and arrest operation ever since Ahed Tamimi, 17, was detained for confronting Israeli soldiers who had forced their way into her family home." - Hanan Ashrawi



"War Is Coming To Southern Lebanon" - Lindsey Graham Warns Israel Is Planning An Invasion by Tyler Durden

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 12:20

Along the Israeli-Lebanon border, it's about to get 2006 all over again.

At least that's what Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters late Tuesday at a press conference with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons - with whom he sponsored a bipartisan immigration bill that ultimately failed to garner enough support from their fellow lawmakers. The press conference was called to share details about a bipartisan trip last week to the Middle East.



"Ali Abunimah on how the Russiagate-inspired campaign to suppress RT America with foreign agent registration has been used as a precedent to obstruct publication of AJ English's Israel lobby investigative documentary."


Bipartisan Lawmakers Push To Boost Israel's Defense Aid, Already the Largest in US History

"Bipartisan push comes as Democrat senator cites the ongoing war in Syria and Iran's recent use of a stealth drone as evidence Israel needs additional support."



 Canada's Israel Lobby - Changes:

CIJA Confirms Appointment of New Directors

"More information about incoming board members. John Baird, Barbara Bank, Darrell Dexter [NDP], Rick Ekstein, Heather Fenyes, Maxyne Finkelstein, Joel Lazer, Marie Poulin, Alan Shuster, Jeff Smith..."


Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate's Anti-Semitism Committee Stuck on Israel

"The sub-committee consists solely of representatives from the Jewish establishment who have historically viewed criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic." 

Another official Zionist fixed-game.


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at AIPAC

"Israel is literally driving the world..."


AIPAC Policy Conference 2018

Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Pence, Victoria Nuland, Stephen Harper, Irwin Cotler, John Baird etc


Canadian MPs Take Lobby-Sponsored [CIJA] Trips to Israel

Israel is by far the most frequent destination country of MP travel. 'Federal ethics rules say it is illegal for lobbyists to do anything that puts an MP or government official in even an appearance of a conflict of interest, and paying for an MP's trip that costs thousands of dollars definitely crosses that line. ' Duff Conacher - Democracy Watch.

Imagine if it was Russia...


Documentary: The People of Israel vs Ahed Tamimi

"The documentary paints a portrait of a family, the Tamimi's that has become the target of the Israeli military and an object of hatred by right-wing Israelis."


** Israeli Parliament Endorses Final Version Of 'Jewish Nation-State' Bill **

"After seven years of delays, the Israeli governing parties have agreed to the final terms of controversial new legislation that would define Israel as exclusively 'the nation-state of the Jewish people.' 

The bill is now expected to be fast-tracked through the Israeli parliament and on the statute books in the coming weeks. It effectively blocks any chance for Israel's large Palestinian minority - one in five of the population - to reform Israel in the future into a normal, western style democracy..."

Canada supports.


Israeli Chief Rabbi Calls Black People 'Monkeys'

"...During his weekly sermon, the rabbi used a derogatory Hebrew term for a black person, before going on to call a black person a 'monkey', according to footage published by the Ynet news site. He has previously courted controversy for suggesting women behave like animals because they dress immodestly."


Israel kills 16 Palestinian protestors near the Gaza border.


UN Fails To Condemn Israel's Use of Force

No surprise. Israel's allowed. 'A light among nations' etc. Right?


Gazans Mourn Victims of Land Day (and vid)

"Palestinians slammed the apathy of the international community and demanded an end to Israeli impunity. 'It is high time the international community stands up to these atrocities and takes the proper actions against Israeli crimes.'

What about it Canucklheads? What about it NDP?


Bernie Sanders one of the few, if not the only, North American politician to condemn the massacre.

Rev Pesky

Will the NDP have a response? Will Jagmeet Singh, a person who claims to be a great supporter of human rights, make a statement on this latest crime?

Who knows?


I expect he will and that it will be a weak and wimpy one like Sanders who terms the cold blooded targeted executions by IDF snipers 'tragic'.  Singh did all he could to block a very mild BDS resolution. Hardly expect he'll find his balls on this one.

Here's what a real left leader would be saying:

"Former Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has called for Ireland to expel the Israeli ambassador over the killing and wounding of Palestinian protesters. 'There can be no justification or excuse by Israel for the calculated slaughter by Israeli military snipers of unarmed Palestian protesters..."

Never mind expelling Russians who haven't done anything. Kick out the Israeli ambassador I call upon Jagmeet Singh and the NDP to demand it!


We will now see if actions follow words...


Ahed Tamimi Sexually Harassed by Israeli Interrogator, Says Lawyer

"The lawyer of imprisoned Ahed al Tamimi has accused an Israeli interrogator of sexually harassing the 17-year-old Palestinian girl, who was arrested last December from her home-town of Nabi Saleh village in the occupied West Bank for slapping an Israeli soldier on camera. Gaby Lasky filed a complaintn with the Israeli general attorney on Monday. Lasky described the behaviour of the interrogator, who is an officer in the military intelligence unit Aman, as a 'gross violation of the law' amounting to sexual harassment..."

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

Oh boo-hoo. I drink their tears. How is anyone supposed to take B'nai Brith seriously?


'That Will Teach Them': Israeli Soldiers Gloat & Cheer As They Shoot Palestinian Protesters (and vid)

"Disturbing footage from the West Bank published by an Israeli human rights group shows IDF soldiers discussing how to improve land shots on unarmed Palestinian protesters and cheering when they hit them..."

Keith McClary

In a CBC Radio piece today on anti-semitism in Germany, one of the Jewish interviewees opined that the problem was ignorance about Jews and their history and that there is a need for education. They could start with these recent news items and work back:"price+tag"+israel

Not much coverage of this on CBC:"price+tag"


He went on to claim that the Holocaust was not the result of anti-Semitism but rather of the Jews “social behavior,  [charging] interest, and financial matters.”

What a sweetheart.


As far as Israel goes Abu Mazen is a dog that only barks, never bites. He has no mandate to speak for Palestinians and hasn't won an election since 2009. Under his leadership, Israel has gotten everything it wants and more.  He and his family are worth hundreds of millions and if Israel didn't want him to continue they'd have him murdered like they did Arafat but a good puppet is hard to find. He's likely only cranking out this shit now because the mother of all sellouts and surrenders is about to begin...


He and the PA serve as good prison trustees.  The last thing Israel wants is a Mandela type.


The Debate: Saudi Arabia - Israel Alliance (and vid)

"The situation is a catastrophic one, a genocidal one. Everyone is in on it. And I would put Mahmoud Abbas right next to Netanyahu because of this genocide. I'll be honest with you, a viable solution would be an actual one-state not a two-state solution but Israel will never accept a one-state solution. So, it will continue as it is  or escalate into another intifada..."


Netanyahu's 'Iran Files' Are Well Known, Old and Purloined From Vienna

"The dog and pony show the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahoo provided yesterday was not based on material Israeli secret services acquired in Iran, buit most likely from data provided to the IAEA during the implementation period of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action . All the graphics, pictures and technical details Netanyahoo quoted were known to the IAEA and the negotiators of the agreement with Iran. Netanyahoo presented old feasibility studies. Everything he presented was already well known and the technical details had long been discussed at length. Netanyahoo presented nonsense and lied just as he always does..."


Israel's Legislature Votes War Against Syria

"The key decision now will be made by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu..."

Doug Woodard

Ilan Pappe on the need for a one-state solution:



How Israel Rules the World of Cyber Security (and vid)


AWZ-HLS Investment Fund

"Canadian pioneering vc focused on leading edge Israeli cyber-security, intelligence and physical security technologies..."


"TD has become the first Canadian bank to join the Canadian Institute for Cyber Security after opening a cyber-security office in Israel and recognizing Israel as a leading expert in Cyber-tech."

Zionization takeover continues apace.


Why is Germany's Far Right AfD Championing Israel?

"The German parliament (Bundestag) held a debate April 26 on the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel and passed a lengthy resolution which described 'the existence and legitimate security interests of the state of Israel as a central principle of German foreign and security policy.' The resolution also urged the German government to 'actively' advocate for this. In reality, the recognition of Israel's security interests has nothing to do with moral considerations arising from the Shoa. Instead, the parliamentary parties are exploiting the crisis of the Zionist state to strengthen German militarism. 

They view the alliance with Israel as a means to be involved in the new violent imperialist carve-up of the Middle East..."


: Israeli IDF says it has identified "unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria", ordered the opening of Shelters in the Golan Heights and are saying: "We are on hightend alert, and forces are deployed & we are ready for all scenarios" (Video: @IDFSpokesperson)

...evacuations on the Israeli side are ongoing...if you can believe Debka.....we may be entering now a new era of global war


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared in a special broadcast that President Trump’s courageous actions focused on thee fields: Doing away with the nuclear deal, halting the flow of money to Iran and curbing Iranian aggression, especially in Syria. Turning to the current high war tension between Israel and Iran, Trump said: “Our army is ready, it is strong, and will deal harshly with any party seeking to harm us.”


Israel deports Human Rights Official for watching out for human rights.


South Africa Withdraws Ambassador in Israel Over Gaza Killings

"Given the indiscriminate and grave manner of the latest Israeli attacks, the South African government has taken a decision to recall Ambassador Sisa Ngombane with immediate effect and until further notice."

South Africa points the way! Boycott Israel!


"IDF claims unarmed Palestinians protesters in Gaza are a threat but have no problem with Al Qaeda in occupied Golan Heights."

I wonder why...?


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