Saturday, March 10, Vancouver : 'The Moment To Stop The Dangerous Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Tanker Project Is Upon Us'

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Saturday, March 10, Vancouver : 'The Moment To Stop The Dangerous Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Tanker Project Is Upon Us'

Kwekwecnewtxw: The Moment To Stop The Dangerous Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Tanker Project is Upon Us...

On Saturday, March 10th Coast Salish Spiritual Leaders and Members are launching an ambitious project in Metro Vancouver to STOP the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Will You Join Us?

Where: By Lake City Way skytrain station in Burnaby. When: Saturday, March 10, Starting at 10:00 AM. What: Powerful and Creative Mass Mobilization from Lake City Way Skytrain Station to a final destination...

Protect The Water

Protect The Land

Protect The Climate


Treaty Alliance

"Treaty Alliance delegation travelling to unceded Coast Salish territory on March 10 to stand with Indigenous spiritual leaders...

Join us March 10


First Nations 'Warrior Up' For Kinder Morgan Protest Rally and March Saturday

"First Nations leaders geared up Friday, for a major weekend protest expected to attract thousands of protesters of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. 'Put your remote down and your Game Boys,' Isleil - Waututh elder Amy George told a Vancouver news conference. 'It's time to warrior up..."

Stop Kinder Morgan!


Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (doco)

"An in depth look at issues and prospects."


MASSIVE!! No to KM/Justin Trudeau's 'Waterloo' Pipeline!

10,000 + march against ecocidal project.


How Kinder Morgan Could Make Trudeau A One-Term PM

"British Columbians need to remember they hold the same power over the Trudeau government whose renewed majority in 2019 hinges on the 18 seats they hold here - 16 of which are close to the coast. As has been ably demonstrated by Alberta, all politics are local (and expedient)."


TRNN: Anti-Pipeline Indigenous 'Mass Mobilization' Has Begun  (and vid)

"In what may become the 'Standing Rock of the North' thousands protest Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion which would carry more toxic tar-sands oil (the dirtiest oil on the planet) through FN territories."

LB Cultured Thought

NDPP wrote:

...(the dirtiest oil on the planet)....

I notice that this wasn't part of the actual quote from the article, but something you made up, inserted, and falsely attributed to the linked source...


Yes, I should have [bracketed] it like so. True though, unfortunately.

LB Cultured Thought

Fair enough. Sorry, shouldn't have phrased that so harshly.

I can't think of any metric by which oil sands oil would be the dirtiest on the planet though. Roughly in the middle of other heavy crudes or even Nigerian light production for GHG emissions.


re the Kinder Morgan pipeline project resistance.......the recent website article by CBC describing? the twin marches, clearly shows what side they are on, despite being a socalled public broadcaster dedicated to the truth and promotion of Canadian values.....likewise the CRTC will back up CBC 100%...

so as the resistance grows, who are the friends who are the enemies must be detailed...CBC must be plastered on this, heads must roll! Court actions may be necessary...(we do have a Charter of Rights!)

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28 arrested at Trans Mountain terminal for violating injunction

Action against the Trans Mountain pipeline escalated Saturday afternoon when Burnaby RCMP arrested 28 people for violating the injunction granted in favour of Trans Mountain earlier this week. Those arrested were processed and released on the promise to appear in court. The B.C. Supreme Court ruling prohibits protesters from setting up blockades or interfering with work at the terminal.

The 28 protesters staged a sit-in blocking the entrance to the Trans Mountain pipeline’s terminal in Burnaby at around 10:45 a.m inside the five-metre zone from the entrance covered by the injunction.


Surely more creative and coordinated tactics are in order.....I´ve long held that this type of non violent resistance, sacrificing your freedom for a cause, is not valid in a police state.

And my ongoing surprise at the Indigenous grass roots leadership, why are they not using their guaranteed rights under international convention to gain them legitimacy under law?


Womens March Global

"Retired Montessori teacher Jeanette Paisley, 76, of Langley is tied down to Kinder Morgan's gates right now. Arrests are expected shortly. 'I decided it's time to do something. I've signed petitions all my life but when I heard about this I decided it was time I got off my duff and did something."


#Stop KM  #ProtectTheInlet


"On March 23rd people across the country will take to the streets for a National Day of Action to Defend the Water. Can you join us? RSVP for your local event now?"


"Huge good news! Kinder Morgan suspending all non-essential spending on Trans-Mountain pipeline!!! Resistance matters!"