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IDF: '1 Shot, 2 Kills'


Turkey Pulls Ambassadors From US and Israel After Day of Bloodshed Kills 52

A principled reaction from an unexpected source. Step up to the plate Canadians/Canada!

Pull the Canadian ambassador now!

[email protected]


'Expel the Israeli Ambassador!'

"Irish FM blasted for double standards over Gaza and Skripal case."

Canadians must also demand the expulsion of Israeli diplomats. Why do Canadian MPs unanimously agree to expel Russian diplomats for nothing yet won't call for similar action against representatives of this criminal Israeli regime? No more impunity for Zionist criminals.


Top Israeli MP: Army Has Enough Bullets For Everyone in Gaza

"Strategic Affairs Minister calls Gazans 'Nazis', says deaths don't mean anything."


Emergency UN Security Council Meeting on Israel's Latest Slaughter in Gaza

"Israel's occupation is the main source of violence in our region. How many Palestinians have to die before you take action? Why are you paralyzed?  - Palestine Ambassador @1.45:00


Now they really have gone too far. Shooting the locals is one thing but this is too much!!

Canadian Doctor Shot By Israeli Sniper Near Gaza Border

Hey, 'The Most Moral Army In The Middle East' (TM) shot a Canadian doctor who was obviously working for Hamas, up to no good, and deserved it according to the IDF Zio hasbara on protest casualties...He's lucky he didn't end up dead like Paeta Hess von Kruedener, the Zio ubermenschen don't care about anyone but their own...


Palestinian Ambassador Accuses Israel of Working With Al Nusra Front

"Israeli intelligence is in contact with the representatives of the Syrian al-Nusra terrorist group, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal said at a press conference in Moscow. 

The Palestinian leadership is ready to take part in negotiations with Israel with Russia's mediation, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal said Tuesday..."


The Massacre in Gaza and Imperialist War Policy

"...Within the Israeli establishment, the massacre has prompted not horrified self-reflection and inquiries into how a state supposedly founded in response to the Holocaust could carry out actions worthy of the Nazis, but rather the open language of genocide.

'The IDF has enough bullets for everyone,' said Avi Dichter, a chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee in the Knesset, in response to the massacre. But the language and actions of Tel Aviv give the distinct impression that large sections of the Israeli state and military would not hesitate to implement, in the language of the 1930s, a 'final solution' to the Palestinian question.

But the reaction of the imperialist powers, which have all issued statements supporting Israel's right to defend itself,' has internationalized the crime. By giving legitimacy to Israel's massacre, the imperialist powers have made themselves complicit in it. The universal defense of Israel's actions makes clear that the imperialist powers have adopted the mass murder of unarmed civilians as a legitimate policy tool."


Hey folks. Gonna close this uber thread and open a new one here.


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