NDP Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet

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NDP Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet

Who is Andrea Horwath considerating for her first Cabinet?

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No counting your chickens.


Right now the PCs are the only party telling Ontarians both what a PC cabinet would look like and what an NDP cabinet would look like. You'd think the NDP would be concerned about that.




Health Minister?

Ontario NDP has the chops to run a government, party vet says


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Mods, please close this thread until Thursday night.  It's tempting fate.


I wouldn't close this thread. It provides a helpful rebuttal to columns like Paul Wells' above, or this:

Chris Selley: If Andrea Horwath becomes premier of Ontario, who will be her finance minister? (National Post 31 May 2018)

Setting aside the critical tone of Selley's post, I thought the actual suggestions for Finance of John Vantof, Catherine Fife, or Peter Tabuns all seemed reasonable. (I don't know much about Davenport NDP candidate Marit Stiles, also suggested as a possibility, but I certainly wouldn't rule her out either). Another possibility who should definitely be considered for some kind of business or financial-related post if she wins:

Sandy Shaw, NDP candidate for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas and first–ever elected female Board Chair of FirstOntario Credit Union.


Health - France Gelinas

Education - ?

Finance - Sandy Shaw

Attorney General - ?


Paul Wells, the guy who wrote a book titled "Right Side Up" on the victory of Harper. Anybody who thinks that his comments can be anywhere being close to objective is just dreaming or maybe agrees with him.

And about the cabinet.

Shadow cabinets dont matter.


So with 40 MLAs to choose from, who will Official Opposition Leader Andrea choose to fill the roles in her NDP Shadow Cabinet? 


Lots to choose from!

New Ontario NDP caucus to include trailblazing MPPs

The new Ontario NDP caucus will be made up of diverse and trailblazing MPPs, including the first Tibetan elected to public office in North America and a Somali refugee.



Why was the title of this thread changed instead of starting a new thread?


Projecting an NDP shadow cabinet following Ford win