Trump's bullying: What happens after our indignation fades?

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Trump's bullying: What happens after our indignation fades?
voice of the damned

Trump’s suggestion that Russia be re-admitted to the G-7 is a slap-down of Ottawa’s trembling fear of Washington. Stephan Dion was ousted as Global Affairs minister as he wanted rapprochement with Russia and a more independent Canadian foreign policy. With the arrival of Trump’s presidency timorous Ottawa only aligned itself more closely, and adopted a hard-line and retrograde Russiaphobic foreign policy.

A "slap-down" of something is an attack on something. So Trump is attacking Canada's fear of Washington? He wants Canada to be less afraid of Washington? How does that serve America's interests as a "bully"?

And it's not clear to me what connection we're supposed to draw between Trump now advoacating the same thing that Dion was advocating, ie. a more concilliatory policy toward Russia. There's an irony there, maybe, but what exactly does it represent?