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Montreal Gazette wrote:
NEW YORK - Evacuations up and down the U.S. East Coast were under way Friday as Hurricane Irene barrelled north from America's southern states and threatened up to 65 million people - that's one in five Americans - who live in the swath that defines the storm's possible trajectories.


New York prepares for historic hurricane

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According to Hurricane tracking our community is directly in the path of Irene when it becomes a tropical storm, with winds of 75 to 100 kilometers an hour and heavy rain.  We will probably get hit Monday night. Frown  At least the eye of the storm will be north of us into Labrador.


So Boom Boom, I'm guessing Google maps streetview hasn't gotten around to your place yet.


Anyway, hunker down!

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oldgoat: Laughing

We don't have street names posted yet - the streets do have names, but are probably only known to the folks who work for the municipality.

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Current status:

(to give you an idea where we are, if you look at "Monday 3 PM", I live directly to the east of the words "PM" - and directly on the shoreline)

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[url=]Bloomberg Leaves Prisoners to Die[/url]

Hurricane Irene is headed towards the east coast of the United States with the potential to impact 55 million people. It is a category one hurricane with 100 mile-per-hour winds and is 600 miles wide. As bad as the winds and rains will be the biggest killer in hurricanes is often the storm surge that pushes ocean waters up onto land.

Lower areas of New York are prone to flooding due to storm surge. New York Mayor Bloomberg has called a mandatory evacuation of areas most prone to flooding, forcing 270,000 people to move. [b]Yet, Bloomberg has left the prisoners behind to die at New York’s Rikers Island. The jail is built on landfill on a low lying island prone to flooding. Under the plans of the city, however, there is no plan for evacuation in any sized hurricane. The facility usually holds about 12,000 people captive, including juveniles, the mentally ill, and pre-trial detainees.[/b] These people, many not convicted of a crime, may well have been sentenced to death by Bloomberg. Likewise, the jail contains people convicted in America’s unfair criminal injustice system where people who are poor, of color, or leftists never get a fair shake. Those convictions could now carry a death sentence under Bloomberg.

History repeats itself. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 floodwaters filled buildings in the Orleans Parish Prison compound. Guards abandoned the death trap. Prisoners, still locked-up, swam around for days in cells without food in their own excrement and a number of prisoners reported seeing other prisoners dead. Human Rights Watch reported 517 prisoners unaccounted for and when they demanded accounting of the missing, were told by Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gussman the obvious provable lie “nobody drowned, nobody was left behind.”. Several officers, however, reported to Human Rights Watch that there was no evacuation. One of these was Officer Perry, an officer for 30 years, who reported that they did indeed leave the prisoners behind saying, “Ain't no tellin’ what happened to those people.”


Just spoke to my in-laws on Long Island. They say it's pretty crazy out there and expected to get worse tomorrow. Some of their friends closer to the water have been evacuated.

My brother in law is in school in Manhattan and says that a bunch of yahoos are out playing road hockey in the middle of Times Square.

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I wonder if anyone is going to keep track of how much federal relief flows out in the aftermath of Irene as compared to how much went out after Katrina. And who the recipients are going to be.

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I emailed a friend who is a First Responder in NYC about Rikers Island - no response yet, but I know she's extremely busy with preparations for the worse of the storm - rescues, transport, and so on. I assume she would know what's going on with Rikers.


The scientific community is revisiting its interest in the Gaia Hypothesis. One of Gaia’s major forecasts is that human behavior effects cloud formation, which is now proven to be accurate. The gist of the Hypothesis is that the Earth is one interconnected system, and climate is affected by human activity as is the very habitability of the Earth. With global crises ranging from financial to political to health going on simultaneously,...

 "It is our  human nature to dismiss scientific warnings and natural disasters until it affects us personally..."  it seems it isnt enough already, unfortunately ! :(



you can turn things like radar, forecasted paths, cloud imagery, etc on and off.



natures weather predictions can be as off sight as so human's intentions

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I've been using stormpulse for this storm as well as hurricanes in the past. Doesn't look too bad for us this time - 80 km wind, maybe three inches of rain tonight and tomorrow. But tomorrow will be a wild ride, for sure. If I didn't have to go to the bank, I'd stay in bed under the covers.


weather forecasts for economic, societal global collapse

"if I dont have a bank that I need to go to most likely I will not be capable of staying in bed under the covers even if I wanted to"

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Wehad heavy rain last night. Just checked the forecast for Sept-Iles this morning at 6 am to see how they're doing:

"Post-tropical storm Irene is located over Northern Maine this morning. The storm will reach the Lower North Shore this afternoon."

and: "High winds associated with this storm will occur during a period of strong tides, favouring coastal flooding. Storm surge warnings are already in effect for coastal regions along the St Lawrence river between Quebec City and the Lower North Shore for these periods."


Will your Lower North Shore cabbages survive?

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Gaian wrote:
Will your Lower North Shore cabbages survive?

Ha!  I'm sure they will. Most folks who grow them are growing them in greenhouses. I planted carrots and lettuce in mine, but like the main veggie garden, the weeds took over - I got sick in June and July and couldn't do anything.



Post-tropical storm Irene exiting the St. Lawrence River Valley and heading toward Labrador.


Heavy surf and elevated water levels are also expected later today and tonight in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence where wave heights up to 5 meters are expected tonight.


Warnings Grow Over 'Rickety Old' Nuclear Power Plants in Hurricane Florence's Path

"The storm's path also includes half a dozen nuclear power plants, pits holding coal ash and other industrial waste, and numerous hog farms that store animal waste in massive open-air lagoons..."

National Hurricane Center (updates)

"Florence growing in size and strength..."


it's been downgraded to a 3


Hurricane Florence Exposes Disastrous State of US Infrastructure

"Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall on the Carolina coast tonight in what is projected to be one of the most destructive storms ever to hit the US. Last year's hurricanes, together with Trump's statements, indicate what residents of the Eastern seabord can expect from Hurricane Florence: a natural disaster greatly compounded by government indifference and neglect..."


Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall in North Carolina

"Hurricane Florence, one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the US mainland came ashore early Friday morning north of Wilmington, North Carolina..."


Hurricane Michael Live on Twitter

"Life-threatening' conditions imminent as 'potentially catastrophic' Category 4 Hurricane Michael roars into Florida panhandle..."