Troubling info on 911 event and suppression of critical pages of evidence

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Troubling info on 911 event and suppression of critical pages of evidence

There is very troubling relationship be Mr.  Trump and Saudi Government considering the events of 911.  In the 911 offical documents of the US government finding on what on happen on 911, who plotted the attacks, who financed the operation and what the movations behind the attack.  Unfortunalety some of facts are suppressed by the US government what has been released in the famous 28 pages that answer some questions and lead to more troubling questions.  For example there findings of a connection of actually intellengce officer of the Saudi Government being involved in funding the 911 terriots.  I been about find many named individual who were involved plot, for example there was the Saudi government agent who major player in organizating the plot but fled the US 1 month before 911 attack.  His offical last name was al-Bayoumi but who knows his real name intellenge agent, i would assume Saudi agents in US when on mission against the US populace don't give their renames.  I don't want start any conspicracy theroies but the trobuling pattern of Mr.Trump repeated attacks agaisnt US intellenge commentary begs the the question the motives Mr.Trump behind these attacks to discredit the US intellengive community.  I am just saying, that Mr.Trump suppressing potential information on 911 maybe the motive behind these attacks on the US intelleigne community.  I read there is lawsuit before the courts that needs more information to suffesfully pressed but needs more information the US government is currenting withholding.  The deals with victims of the 911 attack and wants the Saudi Government take responsility for there crimes on 911.  

Sean in Ottawa

Ok I hate Trump but this is not just Trump even if his personal conflict exists as well.

The US since 9-11 has been in a conflict of interest because its economy is extremely integrated with, and its defence policies invested in the country that funded and in many ways perpetrated this attack. I believe that the attack was not as distance from the KSA as the people wish to beleive.

The US would likely face a ressession if it responded appropriately to the KSA for its role in the attack and the coverup of that attack is largely to protect this issue.

Trump now is facing the reality that if he responds appropriately, given the situation, not only will be personally harmed economically but the US will be collectively harmed economically and also its strategic interests (as it sees them) as well. The entire vision of the Mid-East including Israel is reliant on this ugly relationship with the KSA. It has been the stinking turd in the corner from the start.

Let's be clear as well: Canada is in the same boat. The KSA called our bluff when Canada tried to lecture them earlier this year. Canada sells lots of military equipment to them and it buys oil from them (Alberta oil is not what is used in the east). Canada's medicare system is extremely dependent as it uses their med trainees right across the country.

The medical trainee issue is very simple 00 Canada needs a lot of residents in hospitals but cannot afford this volume to turn into the doctors and specialists billing the system. As of now, it actuall is more understaffed for resident doctors than it is for specialists and GPS (short there as well but not in proportion). If the KSA were to stop sending med students here, where would we get doctors who will work in hospitals cheaply and then once trained will go away and not burden the system with excess after? Sure for a while we could train our own and in a few years fill up our shrtage of specialists and GPS -- but what then? Once full, our system will still need a massive influx of trainees and a requirement that they do not stay en masse. Our medical system without the KSA would need to be re-thought. It probably should be but at the moment of change there will be a crisis if it happens suddenly.