Facebook, I quit

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Facebook, I quit

I am pretty well convinced to quit facebook.  There is just so much that is invasive and wrong going on there.  I rarely go there anymore, as I find the discussion on Twitter far more productive. I do worry about what I will lose.

  1. Family and friend connections that I don't have elsewhere.  I know that once I cut the cord I a bunch of second cousins and high school friends will disappear.  Many of whom are considered good friends and family is always family.
  2. I will be out of the loop for some future events.  This years grad-reunion was done almost completely over facebook.
  3. Facebook is used to rally support for progressive causes, Will abandoning it give over a valuable platform to non-progressives.

Has anyone recently abandoned facebook. I kind of want to still have it, even if it only to go every 6 months just to see check in.

Mr. Magoo

Many years ago, a student of mine invited me to "friend" her on FB (by accident, I think; I suspect she allowed FB access to her contacts) and so for fun, I created an account and accepted, but did nothing other than maybe put up a photo on my page.  Later I noticed old friends finding me, and that was kind of cool, but TBH, I don't really have much interest in genuine reconnection with any of them -- it was just interesting seeing what they look like now.  And that was how I used it for a couple of years.  When a friend was killed, a FB page was used as sort of a "hub" for people to discuss, and I made a few posts on that FB page, but other than that I don't use it.  The only difficulty with this is convincing people that I really don't use it, so they don't expect me to interact with them on FB.

I figure if you can work that last part out, there's no reason you can't keep your FB account and just not really use it regularly.

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..i used to have a political page but i ditched that several years ago. still have, like you pogo, a personal page where i connect with family. about a year ago i stopped going to that page on a regular basis. rarely go now. but i've kept messenger and use that to stay connected instead of facebook itself. exchange photos etc.


"discussions on twitter more productive"

i rarely use my fb except for gaming it can be annoying. but to say Twitter is more productive isn't realistic. i use both and Instagram. just different platforms for using.

my mom had the right idea when she joined fb. she only allows people on who she cares about whether they live or die in an immediate fashion and it foednt matter if they're family or not. she has less than 60 people as friends and her fb is amazing. news feed pertinent and not cluttered with crap and it's a  memory pic storehouse. 

i just deleted like 400+ people trying to get there too but it's hard deleting. i shoulda started like her ruthlessly denying requests. 


Dear Facebook, Please Explain the Censorship


"Still more evidence of Facebook's serving as a tool of Israeli manipulation of mass media to silence critics..."