Magnetic Poles and Ice Caps move in Tandem

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Magnetic Poles and Ice Caps move in Tandem


Is this the explanation for the melting ice caps over Canada, while build up of ice caps towards Siberia?

Causing increasing cold fronts in Europe towards Middle East? Warmer temperatures in North America?


Today I have a hard time believing in warmer temperatures in North America, but know full well that our winters have become considerably shorter - but also icier from all the freeze and melt cycles.


Not to cast aspersions on the scientific credibility of that site, but there's no scientific evidence to support a hypothesis that the ice caps are generated by magnetism. The overwhelming consensus is that melting ice caps are due to CO2 emissions. Climate change is shifting the poles, though--but not the magnetic ones, which are generated by the planet's core.

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..yes huge swings in temps in wpg. recently -34c a few days later +2 and a few days after that -24c.


quizzical wrote:

new magnetic pole info

So is it true that Putin himself ordered this shift in the Siberian magnetic field?


maybe it's his magnetic personality?


I didn’t think babblers were interested in pole shift, geographic and magnetic?  

Dangers of the weakening Earths magnetic fields and magnetic pole movements is really scary shit! Without the Van Allen belt, life on Earth would be gone in a hury!


I’ll keep an eye on my Ice Cap the next time I’m at Tim Hortons!


well, the magnetic poles oscillate around a bit.  something like 25-30 degrees either side of "true" n/s.  my understanding is they also flip every couple ~hundred thousand? years, and this can be associated with species die-offs and other disruptions.

decades ago i read part of a big book on australian aboriginal culture and history.  according to the book, they held knowledge of these pole shifts, felt we were approaching another one, and were accelerating it.  the line that stuck in my head all these years was "much as a damaged fetus can induce it's own abortion, we as a species are hastening our own".

thing is, we _are messing with the earth's field.  electrical generation and radio transmitters reference earth/ground, as does the receiving end , and some or all of the energy "returns" via the earth, which interacts and alters the existing earth field.  as does lightning, solar flares, etc etc.

a "common/neutral" wire is just a stand in for earth/ground, and in most cases is bonded directly to ground.  picture a wire connected to and laying bare on top of the ground between the gen/radio station and your house, which you won't get a shock from.  

but if you touch a "hot/live" wire while you're contacting the neutral wire, _or standing in a puddle, or sitting on a metal radiator in your house, the electricity flows thru you to the neutral wire or earth and "back" to where the electrical differential was generated.

there's so much crap signal being "shed" to earth that one can get into "dirty" grounding issues, trying to get rid of yer own signal noise and instead getting somebody else's signal noise bleeding back up into your system.

messing with the earth field is a level of holistic consideration (aka something else to worry about) that i have not seen mentioned since, so thank you iyraste1313.

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Sean in Ottawa

quizzical wrote:

maybe it's his magnetic personality?

Maybe the ice cap is running away becuase it thinks Tim Horton's will sell it for 99 cents?


What on earth is an "ice cap"? I mean as a food or drink...

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I've never had one, but I understand that it is a popular summer drink at Horton's, being short for Iced Capuccino.


It's kind of like a cappuccino chocolate milkshake. I think they're available year round.

Sean in Ottawa

I normally call them ice craps -- but only becuase I can.


And I thought Mr Magoo was bad at derailing threads about food


Santa's New Home: The North Pole Is Moving To Russia by Tyler Durden

Sat, 12/28/2019 - 08:45

The North Pole is moving and quickly. Is someone stealing Christmas?

It is not the Grinch or Vladimir Putin that is stealing Santa’s workshop, but instead, as Visual Capitalist's Nicholas LePan notes, it’s the natural processes of the Earth that are moving the North Pole. In fact, since scientists have been tracking the anomaly in the Arctic, the North Magnetic Pole has been shifting towards Russia.


So why exactly is the pole moving, and what does it mean?

------further corroboration of the theory, inspite of ll the ridicule, shoot the messenger bs....this is a scientific theory, which nust be confirmed or denied by scientific measurement......

that the magnetic poles are drifting apart, weakening the planetry EM field....that weather likewise is shifting, away from Canada´s north...

one of a number of theories to explain shifting climate patterns, all banned of course by the corporate agenda for CO2,

and its plethora of corporate solutions and its futures market...