Happy 18th rabble!

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Happy 18th rabble!

It's hard to believe that rabble is 18 years old. Founded by Judy Rebick in April 2001, rabble is one of Canada's leading online independent progressive news source and is relied upon for exceptional news and information by lefties from coast to coast to coast. Over the years we've expanded with platform upgrades and content - we now have a podcast network and rabble TV and can be read, seen and heard on multiple devices. We couldn't have done it without your support. rabble continues to be free and will never have a paywall. We have very little advertising and no corporate or government funding, largely relying instead on donor support and the generous contributions of our sustaining partners. It truly is amazing what you can accomplish with the work and support of the broader progressive community.

babble, or what I like to call the gateway drug to rabble, has been hosting online political discussions for each of those 18 years. I began participating on babble in November 2001. I've seen some legendary flame wars, flounces and all manner of of rants over the years, but mostly what I've seen is passionate and intelligent debate. I am always grateful to babblers for their insights and dedication to social justice. We progressives don't always agree, but I believe we are united by a vision of a better Canada and a better world. 

Please join me by wishing rabble.ca a very happy birthday, with many more to come!

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I started reading rabble and babble in 2004 or so, was a long time lurker on babble for over a decade.  Many of the conversations on babble have had a strong effect on my personal politics, and I'm grateful for the site and community.   And in the last few years I think rabble has really raised it's game, with more and better writers, better activist toolkits.   I poke around here almost every day and always find something I'm glad I read.

So Happy Birthday Babble!  .. and many more!



I spend a lot of time here (maybe too much?). I'm a father, husband, tradesperson, union member, writer, reader, thinker, joker/clown, musician, poet, debater,etc etc. I use all of me here on babble! Even better, I read all of this and more from the other posters! I'm only a simple person very gratefull to inter-react with fellow intellectuals to expand our collective awareness.

Happy birthday rabble/babble!!!


So sweet! What an important part of my life, and that of activists across Canada. Let's focus on unity and create the ways for rabble, and babble, to carry on doing what they do best. Which includes, [size=30]donating[/size]!!

Happy Birthday!