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US Stages Another Provocation in the Taiwan Strait

"The US sent two warships through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday only days before the opening of trade talks with China in Beijing. This deliberate provocation over Taiwan, China's most sensitive diplomatic issue, is a clear threat aimed at forcing the Chinese to accept a US-dictated trade deal..."


China's European Moment Has Arrived

"It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Xi Jinping's visits to Rome, Paris and Monaco last week. In bringing his much-remarked Belt and Road Initiative to the center of Europe, the Chinese president has faced the Continent with  the most fundamental question it will have to resolve in coming decades: Where does it stand as a trans-Atlantic partner with the US and - as of Xi's European tour - the Western flank of the Eurasian landmass? The simplicities of the postwar order, to put the point another way, have began to pass into history.

There is ...mounting concern among EU members and senior officials in Brussels about China's emergence as a global power. This is natural, providing it does not tip into a contemporary version of the last century's Yellow Peril. At the same time, the Continent's leaders are highly resistant to the confrontational posture toward China that Washington urges upon them. This is the wisest course they could possibly choose..."

By contrast the weak and stupid American vassal Canada bends its knee to the wishes of warmongering Washington and utterly destroys virtually overnight the huge potential of a China-Canada relationship decades in the making. 


Thanks NDPP for the link to the article that had a link to this document. The EU will continue to have major trade relations with China because their economies are already very entwined. I notice that none of the usual human rights shaming made it to the conclusions and in the body it was somewhat muted.


EU-China –A strategic outlook

I. Introduction

The European Union (EU) and China are linked by an enduring relationship. They are two of the three largest economies and traders in the world. China is now the EU's second-biggest trading partner behind the United States and the EU is China's biggest trading partner1. Both sides are committed to a comprehensive strategic partnership, as expressed in the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation.


VII. Conclusion

The Commission and the High Representative invite the European Council to endorse the following actions.

Action 1: The EU will strengthen the EU’s cooperation with China to meet common responsibilities across all three pillars of the United Nations, Human Rights, Peace and Security, and Development.

Action 2: In order to fight climate change more effectively, the EU calls on China to peak its emissions before 2030, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Action 3: The EU will deepen engagement with China on peace and security, building on the positive cooperation on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for Iran.

Action 4: To preserve its interest in stability, sustainable economic development and good governance in partner countries, the EU will apply more robustly the existing bilateral agreements and financial instruments, and work with China to follow the same principles through the implementation of the EU Strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia.

Action 5: In order to achieve a more balanced and reciprocal economic relationship, the EU calls on China to deliver on existing joint EU-China commitments. This includes reforming the World Trade Organisation, in particular on subsidies and forced technology transfers, and concluding bilateral agreements on investment by 2020, on geographical indications swiftly, and on aviation safety in the coming weeks.

Action 6: To promote reciprocity and open up procurement opportunities in China, the European Parliament and the Council should adopt the International Procurement Instrument before the end of2019.

Action 7: To ensure that not only price but also high levels of labour and environmental standards are taken into account, the Commission will publish guidance by mid-2019 on the participation of foreign bidders and goods in the EU procurement market. The Commission, together with Member States, will conduct an overview of the implementation of the current framework to identify gaps before the end of 2019.

Action 8: To fully address the distortive effects of foreign state ownership and state financing in the internal market, the Commission will identify before the end of 2019 how to fill existing gaps in EU law.

Action 9: To safeguard against potential serious security implications for critical digital infrastructure, a common EU approach to the security of 5G networks is needed. To kickstart this, the European Commission will issue a Recommendation following the European Council.

Action 10: To detect and raise awareness of security risks posed by foreign investment in critical assets, technologies and infrastructure, Member States should ensure the swift, full and effective implementation of the Regulation on screening of foreign direct investment.


Yes, well...difficult to lecture China on human rights when you're letting refugees drown in the Medi.


US Warships Sail Through Disputed South China Sea as Trump Prompts Trade War Escalation With Beijing

"...The move comes hours after US President Donald Trump announced he would hike American tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods this week and target hundreds of billions more soon. The threat was made amid faltering negotiations between Washington and Beijing to end a months-long trade war.

The South China Sea isn't the only waterway that has seen recent US activity. The White House announced on Monday that it would deploy the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the Middle East, in an effort to 'send a clear and unmistakeable message to the Iranian regime."

With its servile Canadian satrapy pitching in whatever way it can - e.g. next BC court appearance for kidnapped Chinese Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou - May 8.


Trump 'messed up the clock' on USMCA, current form 'dead': former U.S. ambassador


I haven't read this thread at all but I first read the title as "Wars and Trade deals" which seems perfectly logical to me. Just odd. 


China Trade War Hurts Investment Climate

"International investments will be affected if US China tensions are not resolved, according to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker."

American vassals balk at cost of their enforced participation in US trade wars.


China & Russia: Whoopin' Uncle Sam at his Own Game - Your Geopolitical Quiz for the Day

"Two countries are embroiled in a ferocious rivalry. One country's meteoric growth has put it on a path to become the world's biggest economic superpower while the other country appears to be slipping into irreversible decline. Which country will lead the world into the future...?"


US Raises Tariffs on $200b Worth of Chinese Imports from 10% to 25%

"Washington has carried out the US president's latest threat, increasing import duties on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. The hike will come into effect on May 10. The president stressed that Beijing is mistaken if it hopes to negotiate trade later with a Democratic presidential administration..."


The US-China Cold War Starts Now: What You Must Do To Prepare

"The United States is aggressively and unabashedly doing what it can to isolate China and to remove it from the world of international trade. The new free trade agreement between the US and Canada is further proof of this as it essentially blocks Canada and Mexico from engaging in free trade with China. Word is that shutting out China is going to become a regular thing in all new US trade agreements. Will the EU and Japan and Latin America play ball on this? I predict that most, if not all of them will..."


Canadian Trade Delegation Presses US on Huawei, China Dispute: 'We're Taking A Hit For Them, Big Time'

"The chair of the House of Commons international trade committee wants the US to grasp the 'hit' their ally is taking over their dispute with China and Huawei. Liberal MP Mark Eyking, who is also the MP for the Cape Breton Island riding of Sydney-Victoria, said while the visit is primarily focused on the stalls facing ratification of the new NAFTA agreement, talks also discussed the fact that the Chinese trade talks seem to be overshadowing ratification and are having a big impact on Canada.

'So here again, little brother Canada, we're taking a hit for them big time, right and that's not only in our economy with canola, pork and various things, but we have Canadian citizens that are detained illegally and under a bad circumstance,' he said..."

Screwed again. It's hard being America's vassal.


China Strikes Back

"President Trump tweeted that 'we are right where we want to be with China', on Sunday. But then China imposed $60 b in retaliatory tariffs. What the US-China trade war costs you..."


'National Emergency': Trump Signs Executive Order Clearing Way To Ban Huawei From US Telecoms

"US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over technology designed or produced by 'foreign adversaries', an act widely understood to target China's ZTE and Huawei in an effort to freeze them out of the 5G market.

'This is neither graceful nor fair,' Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said at a news briefing on Tuesday. 'We urge the US to stop citing security concerns as an excuse to unreasonably suppress Chinese companies..."

Not to mention Canadian steel and aluminum producing ones.


If Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Are Ending Soon, Chrystia Freeland Isn't Saying So

"Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gave no hint today that the United States is set to lift steel and aluminum tariffs, even though Mexico's top trade representative is saying a deal for their country is imminent..."

The good news is that the new NAFTA surrender agreement is nowhere near to being ratified.


Trump Issues Executive Order Directed At Huawei

"The latest US action is an escalation in what could well be described as a drive to 'weaponise' all arms of the state apparatus in the economic confrontation with China..."


Propaganda Intensifies Trade War With China

"The dwindling empire's main propaganda outlets, the New York Times, continues its anti-China campaign. It is now blaming China's president for the failure of trade negotiations with the United States. So what really happened? As Ambassador Chas Freedom lays out at length, Trump's anti-China policy has no strategy. It is one of chaos and will have echoes in many fields..."


Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Are Not the Only Problems With CUSMA: Ratification Should NOT Be Rushed

"Earlier today, the US agreed to remove its unilateral steel and aluminum tariffs against Canada and Mexico. Many now feel that the Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) can now be ratified. Remember: Canada and Mexico have said that they would not ratify the agreement with these tariffs in place.

However, the Council of Canadians says that does not mean that Canada should proceed with ratifying CUSMA. With US progressives pushing for the deal to be reopened to address problematic provisions, like pharmaceutical market extensions, and enshrine enforceable environmental and labour provisions, the deal's ratification in the US Congress is threatened. Canadians would be foolhardy to approve this incomplete deal..."

Unfortunately they are and they will.


Minister Freeland, Don't Block Better Health Care in the New NAFTA.

"The new NAFTA puts Big Pharma corporate profits ahead of people who need these medications. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has refused to consider the new changes saying, 'We've done our deal.'

Tell Minister Freeland not to be a barrier to our health! Canada should be open to making the new NAFTA deal better for people not for corporations..."

Yes, they lied to you about free trade again. Welcome to the new NAFTA.


The Huawei Shock

"...In fact, the term 'trade war' has become something of a misnomer. The US [and vassals like Canada] have launched a full-scale economic war aimed at preventing the industrial and technological advancement of China and reducing it to a semi-colonial status..."


House May Need To Sit in Summer To Pass New NAFTA Deal Says Trade Committee Chair

"While the ratification process in Canada could be complicated by Parliament's scheduled summer break next month, the House Trade Committee chair says the House could be recalled to get it done. 'I'm never seen that before, but it's doable,' says Liberal MP Mark Eyking. The US House Democrats have raised concerns over labour and environmental provisions in the trade deal."

Yes, MPs -  do your duty to the 1% swine who want this sellout deal - in summertime  while sleepy Canucklheads are paying even less attention than they usually do.


Very curious about the so called capitulation by the US over tariffs on Aluminum and Steel in order to get the Trade deal done...what are they after?


An anti-China pro-US North Amerikkkan trading bloc. 


 Huawei No Longer 'National Security Threat'

"This is all political theater" - Prof of Economics Richard Wolff


iyraste1313 wrote:

Very curious about the so called capitulation by the US over tariffs on Aluminum and Steel in order to get the Trade deal done...what are they after?

Here’s some not so crazy speculation. 

Boeing 737 max scare and the impact on the US lucrative high tech aerospace sector. 

I suspect that those two horrific fatal crashes have destroyed the credibility of the US aerospace sectors. These areas of production rely heavily on steel and aluminum. And tariffs ultimately only raise the costs. Inflating the already over inflated US aerospace industry. 

Never expect the ICM to share the truth! The ICM treats people like as if we are ignorant mindless slaves. 


NAFTA: Last Chance To Stop This Bad Deal

"US Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Ottawa on Thursday to meet with Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, and at the top of the list for discussion is the swift ratification of the deal. The latest word is the Liberals intend to push the new NAFTA legislation through second reading and have it sent to committee as early as Thursday!..."



We must watch the votes of the MPs on this.......we need a sovereignty movement in Canada to put an end to corporate control of Canada....No one vote for any MP supporting this deal!


Don't expect a huge portion of voters in Ontario and Quebec to vote against any politicians for NAFTA iyraste1313. If anything, the opposite would be true.



I doubt it too. Ignorance, apathy compliance and complicity is the new normal. Resistance is barely there.  Canada has never been more neoliberal, pro-imperialist or reactionary. Including many who present themselves as 'progressive'. Iyra's position is correct. There should be massive popular protest to this continental power play by corrupt, corporate elites and their colluding co-conspirators and gulls. Instruct your MP to VOTE NO on NAFTA!

'Of one thing only can we be sure. We shall remain stupid.' - Voltaire -


"Surprise: No notice tabling of CUSMA in the House of Commons right now. Follow it live. Don't let it be adopted quickly in silence."


"Why is Canada rushing to ratify CUSMA soon to be former NAFTA before the US can ratify? Bizarre Canada would complete possible changes before Congress aks for changes. Are we being paid for adding billions to pharma costs?


"Shocked by some MPs rejecting the routine call for unanimous consent for me to speak on CUSMA. So for the first time since fall 2011, I was denied the ability to speak as leader of GPC."

On  important questions regarding fabric of empire such as NATO war on Libya or  'free trade', you will always find Canadian cross-party collaboration with a few theatrical flourishes of pretend opposition at best thrown in. Since Canadian 'progressives' are also mostly only interested in conveying an impression of 'resistance' all work seamlessly together to achieve a common objective. Canada's 'democracy' is largely pretend based on the willing suspension of disbelief. 


The planned increasing tariffs on Mexico just announced by Trump is a game will push Mexico to advance its plans to process its retail fossil fuels....the diplomatic attempts by Obrador to  calm any potential confrontations, will heat up, while the integrated globalized North American economy will be hit hard...this could be the catalyst for financial collapse!


Trudeau Urges US Democrats in Congress To Pass New NAFTA

"Prime Minister says new trade deal includes progressive provisions. Democrats in Congress have expressed reservations about the deal - saying it falls short on environmental protections, labour standards and the measures to enforce them in Mexico, the dispute resolution process and measures they fear could make drug prices more expensive. Pence said he came to Ottawa to make the case again for speedy ratification of the deal..."


Trump Threatens Tariffs on Mexico if it Does Not Stem Flow of Migrants into the US

"In a surprise announcement that could compromise a major trade deal, US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he is slapping a five per cent tariff on all Mexican imports to pressure the country to do more to crack down on the surge of Central America migrants trying to cross the border. He said the percentage will gradually increase 'until the illegal immigration problem is remedied.'

The announcement comes as the administration has been pushing for passage of the Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement that would update the North American Free Trade Agreement..."


"In order not to pay Tariffs, if they start rising, companies will leave Mexico, which has taken 30% of our Auto industry and come back to the USA. Mexico must take back their country from the drug lords and cartels. The Tariff is about stopping drugs as well as illegals."

Trump's 'Art of the Deal'. Nobody but fools or vassals sign such surrender deals as NAFTA/USCMA with the Yanqui. Just ask Iran what Washington's 'agreement' means. And certainly no socialist worthy of the name ever supports such 'free trade.'



"Why there will be no public debate on the new NAFTA..."

Don't let your 'representatives' get away with it.


"China goes ahead with tariffs on $60 billion of US goods. Fedex placed under government probe."


"After National Post published an article by UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk affirming the illegality of Canada's free-trade agreement with Israel, I posted a comment praising the Post's decision to publish the article but the Post blocked my comment. Why?"

Take a wild guess...And in case you haven't noticed obviously Apartheid Israel is above the law.


Michael Hudson: Trump's Trade Threats Are Really Cold War 2.0

"At stake is whether China will agree to do what Russia did in the 1990s, put a Yeltsin-like puppet of neoliberal planners in place to shift control of its economy from its government to the US financial sector and its planners..."

Like Canada has done with its NAFTA/USMCA articles of surrender.


If CUSMA Not Ratified Before Election, 'All Bets Are Off': Business Head

"Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says the goal is to move 'in tandem with the US on the process..."


What Do The New NAFTA and the TMX Have in Common?

"In a new hard-hitting Council of Canadians report, economics and pipeline expert Gordon Laxer reveals special provisions in the new trade deal that will allow the federal government to continue to subsidize the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX)."

Barely noticed national surrenders to  international capital and corporate rule now come thick and fast...


Trade NAFTA 2.0 For A Better Deal (audio)

"The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released a report criticizing the Canada-US-Mexico trade deal which is being proposed to replace NAFTA."


NDPP wrote:

Trade NAFTA 2.0 For A Better Deal (audio)

"The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released a report criticizing the Canada-US-Mexico trade deal which is being proposed to replace NAFTA."

That will be why I've sent them money every month for decades.



France To Vote on Ratifying Contentious EU-Canada Trade Deal

"In France, CETA has faced staunch opposition from both farmers and environmentalists, who argue it puts the country's food safety and environmental standards at risk..."


French Politicians Should Not Ratify CETA

"Please find enclosed a letter from Canadian and Quebecois politicians from across political parties who join us in asking French politicians to not ratify CETA. 'The current agreement promotes deregulation and gives even greater power to transnational corporations..."


France: Over 70 Organisations Protest CETA Trade Deal Ahead of Vote (vid)

As has become normal, there are no equivalent Canadian protests against this or any other of the sweeping neoliberal surrender agreements inflicted upon us by the Trudeau/Freeland regime.


How NAFTA Killed the Green New Deal

"Oddly, or perhaps not, the Democrats deemed most likely to unseat Donald Trump have the policies most like his. Leading Democrats have acted to undermine their stated environmental policies using 'economic' devices like trade agreements. These stealth policies are more insidious than blatantly anti-environmental legislation because they are hidden..."


Trudeau: Stop the Ratification of CUSMA (the new NAFTA)

"I oppose ratifying CUSMA. This agreement as it stands still leaves much to be desired and falls short of what you promised Canadians before the renegotiations began..." [ Please sign the petition]


PM Says New NAFTA Deal Won't Be Ratified Until the Fall (and vid)

"...With lawmakers to the south leaving Capitol Hill for a five week break without passing the new deal, Trudeau's comments seem to chill the prospect of a summer recall Parliament order to see the deal passed in Canada before the federal election begins..."

Saved by the bell perhaps.


China Exec: 'US Failing, Trump Has Nothing on Us.'

"Why is Washington taking its threats off the table as new US-China trade talks are just around the corner?"


Boom-Bust Power Panel: Trade Talks Stall & Global Rate Cuts

"Trade talks have stalled in Beijing as the US and China seem to have made very little progress on a deal. Professor Richard Wolff and Peter Schiff of Euro-Pacific Capital join the show for a power panel as they take on trade-wars, rate cuts and much, much more...


'I think there are a lot of problems here. The new treaty is in trouble. Between the ambivalence of the Canadians and the Mexicans and the determination of the Democrats not to go along, Mr Trump is going to have a tough time pushing this thing through. The uncertainty this has created does not bode well for any of the three economies, all of which are in trouble and this is making matters worse...' - Economist Richard Wolff


Trade Deal With Canada 'Distorts Competition' Protesting French Farmers Tell RT (and vid)

Furious French farmers dump manure at offices of MPs who voted for CETA. 'France had a revolution in 1789. This didn't happen by doing nothing. There is collateral damage in a revolution. We are currently in a revolutionary phase.' - French farmer [See also #191]

And Canucklehead [Neo] liberals most certainly are not...


None of this market turmoil seems to impact people any more negatively then when the markets are supposedly great. Either way plants close and work is moved to cheaper locals. Unless you have actual investments, and even then, it doesn't seem to make a difference.


'Dow Loses 700 Points as Chinese Currency Yuan Hits Critical Levels'. Hold on to your hats it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Chinese Yuan Weakens Causing Panic

"The Chinese Yuan has sank to its lowest level in 11 years as investors fear Beijing will force China's largest banks to bailout smaller regional ones. At the same time Trump has accused China of currency manipulation suggesting Beijing and Washington are no closer to solving their long running trade war..."


 Peter Lee - Excellent Analysis/Overview of the US Economic War on China

"China Matters: The Trillion Dollar Grift: The Long Term Plan For US-China Decoupling...economic pain is feature not bug for China hawks. Better get used to it. My 'splainer."


Currency Calamity: Trade Tensions Rattle Global Markets [*MUST WATCH*]

"Markets are trembling across the globe as the trade war has broken into the currency realm. Richard Wolff, Prof of Eonomics, Emeritus, at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is on hand to toil through the escalating tensions."


Huawei CEO To US: We Will Survive Without You

"Rick Sanchez explains why Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is so resilient in the face of Washington's campaign to undermine it. Plus an exclusive interview with Huawei CEO Ren Zhenfei..."