Some Liberals looking at former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney to replace Trudeau if government falls

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Some Liberals looking at former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney to replace Trudeau if government falls

Some Liberal insiders are looking at former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney to replace Trudeau should the Liberals lose the next election, according to Chantal Hebert. Just what Canada needs - another Goldman Sachs boy to help the super-rich. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership has not emerged unscathed from his trouble-plagued pre-election season.

With a possible Liberal defeat this fall in mind, some insiders are already strategizing a path to the party leadership for former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney.

Carney is due to finish his current gig as governor of the Bank of England at the end of this year. There has long been speculation that he could one day land in the Canadian political arena and that if he did, he would cast his lot with the Liberals.

As the party’s fortunes have declined in the pre-election polls, that speculation has turned into active interest — if not on Carney’s part, at least on that of some of his many fans inside the party.

On a recent conference call, a group of them discussed how Trudeau’s diminished prospects could result in an early opportunity for Carney to succeed him.

According to one participant, the group is working on the assumption that Trudeau will be hard-pressed to win more than 140 seats in October.


Mark Carney reminds me of three former Liberal golden boys, John Turner, Paul Martin, and Michael Ignatieff.


Have the Liberal "insiders" not learned anything from the Michael Ignatieff experience?


They don't come any more establishment 1% than Carney. Even in a political idiocracy like Canada he wouldn't fly as PM.

Ken Burch

That would be great.  It would immediately break the Liberal lock on Quebec.


I don't think it will happen, but it does show that there are still some stupid people in the Liberal backrooms.


John Manley wasn’t available?




NDPP wrote:

They don't come any more establishment 1% than Carney. Even in a political idiocracy like Canada he wouldn't fly as PM.

You know what NDPP? I would't underestimate the ICM! This country is controlled by the big money. Guaranteed anyones gut feelings on babble about this imperialist corporate reaper isn't going to change his odds.

The real story here is that liberal MP's have already lost confidence in winning even a minority number of seats in October.

I find it odd that liberal MP's are selecting someone other than themselves to replace Justin in a possible loss. What makes these MP's think that the liberals can lose a huge chunck of seats, and they would still be in Ottawa?


If Trudeau falls, don't expect Mark Carney to be the next Liberal Messiah

Liberal 'insiders' seem convinced he could be the answer, but the idea of Carney as saviour smacks a bit of Monty Python’s Life of Brian

When Justin Trudeau was confirmed as Liberal Party leader six years ago, he made clear in his victory speech that the infighting between so-called Chrétien Liberals and Martin Liberals was over. “The era of hyphenated Liberals ends right now,” he said.

The slight has never been forgotten by those still hankering for the glory days when they were kings.

A piece Tuesday by respected Toronto Star columnist Chantal Hébert suggested a group of Liberal “insiders” had been strategizing on a conference call to replace Justin Trudeau with the current governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, in the event the party fares badly in October’s election.

The generally accepted explanation among Trudeau loyalists is that the group is made up not of Liberals “insiders,” but rather comprises people left out in the cold by the prime minister’s conscious efforts to distance himself from both the Chrétien and Martin eras. Hébert mentioned the first of two pre-conditions for past leadership tilts has been “a critical mass of malcontents, made up of movers and shakers who feel ignored or shunted aside by the current leadership team.” There is no shortage of those people — even with stakes through their hearts, Trudeau would be advised to wear a clove of garlic around his neck.

It’s not a completely outrageous idea. Opinion polls taken five months out from a general election are notoriously unreliable but current seat projections have Trudeau losing 50 seats. Carney expressed an interest in politics before taking the BoE job and his term in office ends next January.

But it all smacks a bit of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The Liberal “insiders” are convinced Carney would be the Messiah, and they’re in a good position to know, having followed a few (take a bow Michael Ignatieff and Paul Martin).





Nobody, it appears, asked Carney what he thinks. One source close to him said the story is “bizarre” and that the governor is “up to his gills” at the moment. With a new British prime minister likely to be in place by the end of July, and the closing date for applications for Carney’s replacement coming early next month, it’s said he does not have much time to think about Canada.

Martin N.

The LIbrano insiders need a new frontman to disguise the stink emanating from their party. The incumbent is now a proven dolt, dragging the dirty laundry out needlessly, causing a disruption in shovelling taxpayer dollars into the insatiable maws of the you-know-who thieves. It is no surprise that federal bureaucrats' default position on media requests is to tattle-tale to the corporate thieves rather than answer the media request.

What's  next? Journalists dragged out of their homes for some stick work for asking questions?