Demise of the MSM

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Demise of the MSM

This thread intends to monitor the collapsing interest in big brother control...perhaps a wish list, but otherwise we are doomed to the ststus quo forever!

CNN Announces 'Substantial Job Cuts' At London Office

by Tyler Durden Thu, 05/30/2019 - 04:15

After notching its worst monthly ratings in years last month, CNN's parade of job cuts - once dismissed by a senior executive as a "crazy rumor" - is continuing with 'substantial' cuts to its London-based TV News operationthe Guardian reports.

CNN President Jeff Zucker reportedly made the announcement at a company "town hall" meeting on Tuesday held at CNN's office in central London.

CNN's prime-time ratings dropped 26% in April - the worst month for total viewers since October 2015, according to Nielsen Media Research.


The MSM has self-destructed by turning itself into a high-rent version of National Enquirer to get cheap eyeballs for advertisers.