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Saudi Arabia Carries Out Another Massacre in Yemen, Slaughtering and Wounding 58 Civilians

"While that human rights champion Justin Trudeau demonizes critics of Israel's apartheid regime, the Saudi mass murderers to whom his government sells deadly weapons continue to massacre Yemeni civilians."


"These barbaric attacks are carried out with full Canadian, US, British, French and German support. Where are western 'human rights' organizations? Why aren't western backers of Al Qaeda in Idlib calling for regime change in Saudi Arabia?"

Excellent questions...


Ramadan in Yemen...

Thanks for your continuing help with the  Saudi APCs Canada...



77 Civilians Killed, Wounded as Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemeni Capital

"This newest Saudi airstrike outrage, which killed 77 civilians in Sanaa, is an obvious response to the powerful incentive Bolton's May 5 statement gave the Saudis to provoke the Houthis  to retaliate in the hope that Trump will then launch an Iran war."

Canada supports - Canadians ignore.


'We Won't Be Complicit': Italian Dock Workers Refuse to Load Saudi Arms Shipment

"Italian unions have refused to load cargo onto a Saudi ship carrying weapons, in protest against Riyadh's war on Yemen..."


'New Footage Shows Saudi-Canadian LAVs'

"Chrystia Freeland: There are no Canadian-made LAVs participating in the wholesale destruction of Yemen. Please move along."


What ever happened to Freelands megaphone diplomacy with Saudia Arabia?

Im thinking her comments didn’t do shit to help one single oppressed Saudi  and when Saudia Arabia hit back with their own sanctions, the liberals corporate puppet masters probably scared the shit out of her when they threatened to cut the strings if she didn’t shut her mouth  



WATCH: "US Senator demands investigation into nuclear tech transfers from US to Saudi..."


"Imagine the global outcry if Putin, Maduro or Assad were calling for an 18 year old boy to be crucified or dismembered for participating in peaceful protests when he was 10. But when Saudi Arabia does exactly this barely anyone bats an eyelash."

Remember when Saudi crimes and the Canadian arms trade with it mildly concerned some Canadians and Trudeau/Freeland even said they were'reconsidering' our weapons sales? Well obviously as it so often does that moment has long passed and it's back to business as usual. In  Riyadh's chop-chop square as well.



Complicit US [ and Canada] Lets Saudi Govt 'Keep on Chopping' - Galloway

"...And I really don't know why we have anything to do with them." 


Open Letter to CLC President Hassan Yussuff on Labour Opposition to Canada-Saudi Arms Deal: Sign Petition

"Who is training, arming and providing logistical support to the Sudanese military regime as it attempts to crush the Sudan uprising, including Sudanese workers on strike?

Saudi Arabia. And who is arming Saudi Arabia? Canada... #stopsaudiarmsdeal "


WATCH: "A child dies in Yemen every 10 minutes.   More than 14 million people are starving to death.  The US and UK militaries are literally in Saudi Arabia's command and control room as they commit war crimes in Yemen.  Starvation has been used as an imperial weapon by Saudi, US and Britain."

So whatever happened to that Canadian boycott campaign? Or Freeland/Trudeau's promise to consider halting Canadian arms sales to Saudi?

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The RCMP Speech Police Block Yves Engler and Me From Attending A Speech By Justin Trudeau

"We planned to tell Trudeau we object to arms sales to Saudi Arabia..."


"Today Yves Engler asked Canada's Transport Minister Marc Garneau about the arms deal between Justin Trudeau's government and the murderous Saudi autocracy. After refusing to shake Yves' hand, Garneau refused to answer his question..."

What's up with the continuing Saudi death-dealings Marc? Cat got your tongue?

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Inlakesh: Saudi, Yemen, Iran and the Real Reason For Rising Oil Prices (and vid)

"Headlines are ablaze today with reports that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for the apparent drone strikes on Saudi Arabia's top oil production facilities, causing massive fires. Incredibly, even though the Houthi rebels in Yemen had claimed responsibility, the US and the western media have simply created their own story line..."

Canada still buys Saudi oil and sells billions of arms while Yemen gets it. But perhaps for not too much longer.  Thanks for all your great work stopping it Canuckleheads. Enjoy those higher gas prices...


Cunningham: Human Trafficking is Booming in Yemen as War Enters Its Fifth Year

"A complete absence of law and order in Yemen has given rise to a black Suq (market) of human trafficking on a scale never before seen in the war-torn war-weary nation..."

Canada supports Saudi war-making and Yemeni genocide.


More News For Canadian Crickets...But never fear, our own multi-billion arms trade with Saudi and oil imports continue as usual.

"The Western-backed Saudi regime has committed two horrific massacres in Yemen in the past 24 hours butchering dozens of children and women in response to the Saudi oil attack that had no casualties. No global outrage! If only the 3300 children killed in Yemen since 2015 bled oil..."



"Wake up Canada. These tanks sold to the Saudis are used to fight and kill in Yemen since 4 years [ago] now. Today, Houthis destroyed several of them. You can be sure that NO political parties during the current Election 2019 campaign will denounce the deal."


Saudi Arabia - Another Defeat in Yemen - King's Bodyguard Killed

"Something curious is happening in Saudi Arabia and Yemen..."

The Yemenis will defeat their Saudi enemy without any help from western liberals who will never be there for anyone except themselves, imperialism and the status quo. Like Trudeau most are 'great pretenders' only. Aside from a handfull of activists, Canada's acquiesence to its awful arms trade has been near total.


First Seen Footage of Houthi Drones Hitting Saudi Aramco

"Never before seen footage has emerged showing the moment Saudi Aramco was hit by armed drones flying at low altitude. Yemen's Houthi Movment claimed responsibility..."

Dear Houthis, please do more as Canadians won't and seem quite content to sell Saudi arms and buy their oil while Yemenis are starved and massacred by this 'good customer' of Canada.


US Wants NATO to Do More Security in Gulf Region

"US Defence Secretary Mark Esper is currently in Brussels ahead of meetings with NATO defense ministers. He's expected to discuss the conflict in Syria and urge allies to contribute more to the defense of Saudi Arabia..."


Saudi Arabia is $3.4b Behind On Its Payments For Canadian LAV's

"The fact that Trudeau still hasn't cancelled the deal is the biggest scandal in Canadian politics - yet it was barely mentioned during the election campaign."

That's Canada for you. Perfunctory protest only to self-confirm 'progressiveness' then silence and inaction evermore.


War, Famine and Pandemic in Yemen But Business as Usual For Canadian Arms Exports

"Civil society organizations decry Global Affairs Canada justifications for resumption of arms exports to Saudi Arabia. The continued supply of weapons to parties involved in Yemen perpetuates the conflict and the suffering of the population. Amidst a pandemic, this is shocking. We call on the Government of Canada to forthwith end Canada's unspeakable complicity in the suffering of the Yemeni people..."

In your name Canada's bloody arms trade.

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Saudi Arabia is Buying Shares of Alberta's Oil Sands Companies. The 'Ethical Oil' Argument is Dead

"If Canadian oil and gas companies are going to accept Saudi Arabia's money, it's probably time for their proxies to retire arguments about the immorality of their oil..."



WATCH: "Yesterday at the General Dynamics plant in London, Ont, I joined with Amnesty International and dozens of human rights activists to condemn the Trudeau government's sale of weaponized personnel carriers to the brutal Saudi autocracy."


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WATCH: 10 Million in Yemen on the Brink of Starvation - and CRICKETS

"Why? Because the US and its allies [Canada] are responsible for the majority of the suffering. It benefits western geopolitical interests to keep his war and all the misery that comes with it under wraps."


Saudi Crown Prince Sent Hit Squad To Canada to Kill Ex-Spy: Lawsuit

"Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince MbS allegedly sent a hit squad to Canada in an effort to hunt down and kill a former top intelligence official who knows too much, according to a civil lawsuit filed Thursday in the US..."

Remember when, albeit briefly, Canadians actually noticed our multi-billion dollar arms sales to Saudi? Remember when Trudeau and Freeland said they were 're-examining' those sales? It continues.  Did they ever get back to you?


WATCH: "I refuse to continue my military service until the arms trade with Saudi Arabia is put to an end." A serving soldier was carried away for protesting British weapon exports to Saudi Arabia - fueling one of the world's leading humanitarian crises in Yemen."

How quaint. Apparently in other countries people still care enough about such barbarity to actually protest their government's participation in it. Your silence is complicity...

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The Sunday Telegraph: Thousands of Africans Face Death in Horrific Camps in Saudi Arabia

"Thousands of African migrants locked in heinous conditions reminiscent of Libya's slave-camps..."

Apparently not all Black Lives Matter. Especially to arms-dealing/virtue-signalling nations like KKKanaduh.


Canadian Troops in Saudi Arabia are a Legacy of Support for Iraq War

"The reason that Canadian soldiers have been in Saudi Arabia for 17 years highlights Canada's ties to the repressive monarchy, contribution to the Iraq war and hollowness of Canadian foreign policy mythology....


Canada is Fueling War in Yemen with Arms Sales, UN Report Says

"Canada for the first time is being publicly named as one of the countries helping fuel the war in Yemen by a panel of independent experts monitoring the conflict in the United Nations and investigating possible war crimes by the combatants, including Saudi Arabia. Canada exported nearly $2.9 billion worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia last year nearly all of it LAVs made in London Ont. by a subsidiary of US defence contractor General Dynamics Corp. Prof. Imseis urged the Canadian government to reconsider arms sales to Saudi Arabia..."

And Canadian 'progressives' are fueling the fueling by doing sweet fuck all to stop it. Or don't Yemeni Black Lives matter? And FUCK the trade unionists manufacturing these death machines too!


The UK’s Royal Air Force is refusing to release video footage that shows fighter pilots from Saudi Arabia conducting air attacks in Britain, as part of a controversial military training scheme which involves 25 civilian airports.


Canadian Rights Groups Press Trudeau to Halt Record-Breaking Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Over 'Yemen War'

"Canadian NGOs demand the cabinet stop the thriving weapons exports to Riyadh, Ottawa's second-largest non-US arms buyers and a major actor in the Yemen War. The UN has already taken Canada to task for the shipments. A total of 39 human-rights, arms-control, and labour organizations, among them Canadian branches of Amnesty International and Oxfam, have penned an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sounding the alarm 'about the serious ethical, legal, human-rights and humanitarian implications of Canada's ongoing exports to Saudi Arabia.

Similar pleas were sent to the government at least 3 times - in March 2019, August 2019 and April 2020 - but were left unanswered, the signatories said. Stunningly, arms exports to Saudi Arabia now account for over 75% of Canada's non-US military exports..."

 'Feminist foreign policy'?

(Now add COVID-19)


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"UN ambassador Bob Rae was on CBC radio just now responding to the UN report that names Canadian government for fuelling the Saudi war on Yemen. His apologetics were something to behold..."

Because such a deep pocketed customer for the Canadian arms trade, not to mention Israel's new best friend in the region, has to be defended.



"Stop Arming Saudi and Arms Conversion Now for peaceful green jobs. Join us in Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Montreal, TO, Waterloo for a day of action for peace. "(Facebook event details)

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