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Zelensky Begs Neo-Nazi Militias To Observe UNSC Minsk Peace Accords

"...Zelensky's visit to far right in Donbas shows that neo-Nazis not only have power to block Minsk Agreement toward peace, but that president [Zelensky] has no power and will to disband and arrest them and has to plead with them. It is another manifestation of actual power of far right in Ukraine."


In Case You Wonder Why Neo-Nazis Thrive in Ukraine...

"Zelensky administration to ask US Senators *not* to designate neo-Nazi Azov Regiment as a terrorist organization."

*Canadian trained:

"Canada is on the front-lines of the whole world in the fight between democracy and authoritarianism which is why it is an essential element of Canada's foreign policy to support Ukraine in that struggle." - FM Chrystia Freeland -


New Testimony Sheds Light on 'Georgian Snipers' Killings During 2014 Ukraine Coup

"Only English-language publication about testimonies of 3 Georgian ex-military to Prosecutor General office in Belarus and their letters to Ukrainian courts with offers to testify re: involvement of Maidan leaders & snipers in Maidan Massacre."

Call intercept: Telephone conversation between Estonian FM Urmas Paet and UK Foreign Sec Catherine Ashton, March 2014 @8:25


Zelenskii in Free Fall

"Well, that didn't take too long. Let me summarize what just happened in Ukraine. Everything was looking oh so promising and then suddenly..."


Igor Kolomoisky Makes A Mistake And The New York Times Does What It Always Does

"...Kolomoisky may be the biggest Ukrainian bank robber the FBI has ever pursued, or he may not be. But until a few weeks ago, when he began to threaten the US Government's strategy of 'war against Russia to the last Ukrainian', and an alliance between Kiev and Moscow to deploy tanks in shooting range of the Polish cities of Cracow and Warsaw he was a US asset. Now the newspaper in New York has arranged for Kolomoisky to place himself in the Bulls-eye as America's Public Enemy Number One."


Finian Cunningham: US Impeachment Furor Sabotages Ukraine Peace Talks

"Weeks of impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, accusing President Trump of abusing his office with regard to Ukraine, have achieved very little except for two things. Ukraine's international image has been trashed with corruption claims and depiction of the country as having vassal-like dependecy on the US, and secondly, demonization of Russia which has been heightened as an 'aggressor' supposedly out to destroy Ukraine.

The irony is that Washington purports to be an ally of Ukraine to promote democracy, sovereignty and independence of the former Soviet republic. But the upshot of the impeachment inquiry is that Ukraine's independence and sovereignty is gravely undermined. When President Zelensky holds multilateral talks soon with Putin, the Ukrainian leader will have little room to maneuver as a result of the cacaphony back in the US.

The two leaders are due to meet on December 9 in Paris as part of a four-way summit also involving German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. The meeting is a return to long-suspended peace talks and an attempt to revive the 2015 Minsk accords for ending conflict in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky was elected by a landslide vote in April, primarily on the ticket that he would seek a peace settlement..."

Although Zelensky and most Ukrainians desire an end to this 'frozen conflict', NATO, the US deep state, Canada and the ultranationalist diaspora lobby, wish 'fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian' to continue and to tie the hands of those trying to negotiate peace.

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP wrote:

Although Zelensky and most Ukrainians desire an end to this 'frozen conflict', NATO, the US deep state, Canada and the ultranationalist diaspora lobby, wish 'fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian' to continue and to tie the hands of those trying to negotiate peace.

And you posit that this would somehow be better if Trump were not being impeached? Do you imagine that he would be the honest partner Ukraine needs to negotiate peace with Russia?


I posit manufacturing consent for intelligence agencies and deep state to effectively prevent the executive branch from exercising international diplomacy in the public interest is not a good thing. That is what is now happening. The precedent being established is an extremely dangerous one for international affairs. Despite the xenophobic anti-Russian 'Trump is Putin's robot' conspiracy mania you seem to support and subscribe to.

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

To quote Gordon Sondland, who donated $1M to Trump's inaugural and was given an ambassadorial post as a reward: "He doesn't give a shit about Ukraine." You seem to live in a fantasy world where Trump is a statesman rather than a con man.


I think no such thing. I spoke of a dangerous precedent being set. More here.

Ukrainegate Impeachment Saga Worsens US-Russia Cold War

Aaron Mate interviews Prof Michael Cohen on the dangers of Ukrainegate.


Normandy Four Summit on Ukraine's Future: What's At Stake?

"Paris is set to host the first summit of the so-called Normandy Four in over three years. The rendezvous is possible thanks to a change of power in Ukraine and a very active stance by Macron. What are the stakeholders' cards...."


"In Paris ahead of Normandy Four talks, Ukrainian World Congress* rally against Russian aggression was joined by leaders of far-right Azov movement/National Corps Party described by the US State Department as a 'nationalist hate group' and as 'a threat to Ukrainian democracy' by Freedom House."

Canadian Paul Grod heads the ultranationalist World Ukrainian Congress and was previously president of the Canadian Ukrainian Congress, advising both Harper and Trudeau on foreign policy regarding Ukraine. Canadian Forces military instructors are also training Azov members in Ukraine as part of Op UNIFIER.


'Don't Cede Too Much to Putin, Ukrainians tell Zelensky'

"It's not 'Ukrainians' though. It's a few thousand hardliners on the streets of Kiev, who have zero mandate from anyone. Led by Petro Poroshenko was unseated by Zelensky in this years election. Polls show 75% of Ukrainians support Zelensky's meeting with Putin."


CrossTalk Bullhorns: Normandy Four

"Leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France meet in Paris to tackle Ukraine's internal divisions. Are there reasons for optimism?"


Making Sense of the Paris Summit

"Now, setting aside all the verbal statements, comments, replies to journalists, etc - here is what was actually agreed upon..."


Ukraine Pulls Out of 'Anti-Israel' Committee on Palestinians

"Ukraine left the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, in a decision approved by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The [Israeli] Foreign Ministry tweeted congratulations to Ukraine for quitting the 'anachronistic anti-Israeli' committee."

Yeah well...


"Admitting that Maidan protesters were massacred by Maidan snipers and leaders in false-flag operation, and that this was covered up for 6 years, is much more difficult than in the case of Iran's admission, because of much higher stakes involved and because this mass killing is not accidental..."

Canada has yet to acknowledge its own culpability in supporting and promoting the US-installed coup regime.

Sean in Ottawa



Please talk about this:

Another critical developing story here is that Ukraine is offering $8000 to every person on the downed flight in Iran. Let that soak in.

I am sure that this money will come with a requirement to agree not to sue Ukraine or the airline. If this comes before any public discussion (still not happening) about the departure then these families could sign away their right to sue the only entity that they could ever sue. You cannot sue Iran in Canada and you won't be able to sue the US either. 

If anyone knows a good journalist who can address this story of the terms and risks of Iranian families signing any kind of document to get this tiny amount of money this story is urgent now.


I am highlighting this post as I think someone here might be able to make a real difference.


Try: [email protected]  -  [email protected]  - or [email protected]  Perhaps's own Karl on Parl can assist you? 

I concur as to the possibly dodgy and dangerous implications of signing or accepting any funds on offer from Ukrainian agents. I'm sure any Canadian lawyer associated with the Iranians concerned will or should already have stressed this point. 

As I understand it, any claims for damages will have to wait until the ICAO process is completed and registered. It is also my understanding that because of US and Canadian sanctions against Iran, no transactions with any Iran state entity are permissable,  so no payment or compensation from them until or unless these are lifted. In truth, as stated elsewhere all manner of things become difficult or impossible until diplomatic relations with Iran, severed under Stephen Harper,  are restored. 

Ukraine may be a different case and it could be that the Ukrainian side can apply for insurance payouts sooner and then sue Iran. Airline base compensation rates can probably be found by searching ICAO or Chicago Convention on the net but they are certainly far greater than the piddling sums reportedly offered by Ukrainians.  And again, I'm sure the Iranians and their lawyers are probably already on this and up to speed or can find legal experts who are ready, able and willing to advise.

Ultimately I'm sure they will receive the settlements they deserve, especially given the manifest malevolence for the Iranian regime by the Canadian state and its 'independent and impartial' justice system. But should they attempt to recover damages through Iran's stolen Canadian assets they may find they've already been given away -  to the Americans...

Court Decision Allows 9/11 Families to Go After Iran's Alberta Assets

"Families of people killed in the 9/11/ terrorist attacks will be able to go after Iranian government assets in Alberta after a multi-billion dollar judgment was registered in this province. According to court records, an Alberta court of Queen's Bench master registered a US $7.01 billion judgment against a dozen of its agencies and state-owned companies on March 13 [2019] in Edmonton.

With the decision, Alberta becomes the latest Canadian jurisdiction to recognize the massive judgment originally handed down in a New York court in 2012. Millions of dollars have already been recovered for another group of plaintiffs after a similar case was registered in Ontario."

An outlandish and shameful decision given that unlike America's Saudi friends, Iran not only had nothing to do with 911, but has been the foremost enemy and fighter of Al Qaeda and the alphabet soup of western-backed armed and trained jihadi proxies. This probably should have been posted to the main thread of Flight 752, where discussion on it can/should also continue.



Ukraine Tells Israel Not To Criticize Veneration for Nazi Collaborators

"Zelensky government in Ukraine largely continues Poroshenko regime's policy of glorification of the far right OUN and UPA, which collaborated with Nazi Germany and were involved in mass murder of Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainians."


Jewish Groups Warn About Nazi Glorification in Eastern European Nations

"As Holocaust survivors gather to commemorate the 75th anniversary of their rescue from the Auschwitz death camp, [by the Red Army] a wave of glorification of Nazi collaborators and some of the perpetrators of the Holocaust is gaining momentum. 'In early January, torch light parades were held in a number of cities in Ukraine to honour Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator whose organization was involved in the killing of Jews and Poles. Ukraine's sponsoring of events to honour such leaders and their nationalist Nazi collaborators linked to the Holocaust prompted official protests from the Israeli and Polish governments. The veneration of such individuals has gathered momentum in the last decade..."



"...Zelensky proposes ex-president of Georgia as deputy prime minister of Ukraine in charge of reforms after 7 Georgian ex-military in US, Italy and Israeli TV documentaries and trial depositions accused him and his associates of Maidan massacre involvement."

The more things change...


'Ukrainian Police Are Demanding Information on All Jews Living in Their Communities'

"How many millions has [Canada and] the US spent on training this Jew-tracing police force...?"


Ukrainian Police Talk Training With RCMP

"We're drawing on the experience and skills of RCMP officers to develop a new training approach that responds to local dynamics..."


Ukraine's Zelensky Accused by Ex-Leader of Hosting Russian 'Fifth Column'

"Mr Poroshenko marched with several thousand of his supporters to a pre-trial hearing in Kyiv last week. He is facing more than 20 different [corruption] investigations on what he says are politically motivated charges. Mr Poroshenko told the BBC his election defeat had led to pro-Russian figures return to being back in government. The barrage of legal cases being filed against Mr Poroshenko has brought statements of concern from Ukraine's western allies..."


'Pinning Down Putin', Biden, the Democrats and the Next War

"The latest Foreign Affairs features a piece by former Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, 'Pinning Down Putin: How a Confident America Should Deal With Russia.' A protoge of former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, she is a notorious 'liberal interventionist' married to [Zionist] neocon pundit Robert Kagan. She is perhaps best known for aiding the neofascist putsch in Ukraine in February 2014 that produced regime change, a revolt in Ukraine's east, the Russian seizure of Crimea, and Hunter Biden getting offered a seat on the board of Ukraine's largest gas company making $50,000 a month for three years.

'Whoever wins the US presidential election this coming fall,' she writes in Foreign Affairs, 'will and should - try again with Putin. The first order of business, however, must be to mount a more unified and robust defense of US and allied security interests wherever Moscow challenges them.' Where has Russia challenged US security interests? Why, in Ukraine of course..."

Just as Canadian 'progressives' cheered on US-backed neonazis in Maidan 'against  Russian oppression', so now they cheer on US-backed proxies in Hong Kong 'against China's oppression.' When Biden is elected president there will be much more.


Influential DC-Based Ukrainian Think-Tank Hosts Neo-Nazi Activist Convicted For Racist Violence

"The US-Ukraine Foundation hosted notorious neo-nazi militant Diana Vynohradova in a webinar this month. While legitimising Ukrainian white supremacists, the think tank has forged close ties with foreign policy elites in Washington. 'Through its Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN), the USUF has recruited some of the most hardline anti-Russia foreign policy heads in the Beltway. The Canary reported last year that the USUF and FOUN are 'pushing a frightening escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Veteran's Ministry is the far-right's stronghold in Zelenskiy's government..."

Canada will of course be front and center in the coming unthawing of Ukraine's 'frozen conflict'. Under President Biden probably. Will Canadian leftoids cheer on Ukro-fascists like last time? Will mps again chant 'Slava Ukraini!' as the troops go off to war? Will the deputy pm teach them again how to say it just right? 'Canada onto the world stage', 'feminist foreign policy' etc.


War in Eastern Ukraine: Why Does US Care So Much About A Mercenary's Death?

"Despite a lack of recent media coverage, the battle in eastern Ukraine still goes on..."


The Far Right, the Euro-Maidan and the Maidan Massacre in Ukraine

"[The] Maidan massacre is one of the most important cases of political violence and fake news in Ukraine and the entire world in the current millenium. It led to the Ukrainian government overthrow, civil war in Donbas, Crimea annexation, Russian military intervention and conflict between the West and Russia. But Ukrainian and Western governments and media, with some notable exceptions, denied, ignored or covered up the overwhelming evidence that Maidan snipers and elements of the Maidan leadership, including the far right, massacred both the protesters and the police..."


Ukraine's Power Play on Minsk

"Within days of the US presidential election being called for Joe Biden, Ukraine's armed forces resumed combat operations in over a dozen hot zones across the breakaway region of eastern Donbass. With a coming change of administration in the White House, Kiev is making a renewed and dangerously provocative push to retake the separatist Donestsk and Luhansk People's Republics..."


Eva Bartlett: 7 years after Maidan divided country, Ukraine intensifies shelling of Donbass to sound of deafening silence from Western media

"In recent weeks, Kiev's shelling of civilians has intensified, met by predictable western media silence. I asked why the increased shelling now. 'Ukraine's aggression intensified just when Biden came to power in the United States.' It is quite likely that President Volodymir Zelensky feels more confident with the return of the warmongers to the White House..."

Assisted, especially in Ukraine, by Canada.


'Attempt at genocide': Russian representative to OSCE slams Ukrainian blockade of water to Crimea as humanitarian crisis looms

"Ukraine's policy to deprive the residents of Crimea of water is an attempt at genocide, according to Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE, who blasted Kiev's long-term blockade of a vital canal to the peninsula. According to Anton Korinevich, the man designated by Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky to oversee policy on Crimea, the peninsula will be blocked off until Russia leaves. 'The position is unambiguous: no water for Crimea until deoccupation,' he said..."


'Ukraine is preparing an offensive in the Donbass again'

"On the night of March 4 a train carrying Ukrainian armored vehicles arrived at the central station in Dnepropetrovsk. The direction of the locomotive indicates that equipment is going to Donbass. Biden's command?"


NDPP wrote:

'Ukraine is preparing an offensive in the Donbass again'

"On the night of March 4 a train carrying Ukrainian armored vehicles arrived at the central station in Dnepropetrovsk. The direction of the locomotive indicates that equipment is going to Donbass.

Biden's command?"

Nope, definitely not. The idea that Biden is in charge of military decisions does not line up with reality. The US military command has been given back full control while the POTUS smiles and spins. There is a good reason why Biden and not Sanders had to beat Trump. Like Trump, Sanders might actually have wanted to direct some military policy decisions that the Generals think are rightfully theirs.


Indeed,  the Biden administration does not 'command' the Ukrainian military. But their ability to influence Ukrainian affairs however is substantial. These provocations and military moves by Ukraine would not now be occurring without US/EU/NATO consent or encouragement. By all indications these actors have unfortunately decided to 'thaw' the frozen conflict in the resisting east. This is consisent also with  other signs of instigated troubles now being stoked in Russia's 'near abroad'. Canada is and will continue to be deeply involved as well.


You missed my point. Biden is not  the "Biden Administration" he is just another puppet and the military leaders are calling the shots. NATO command relies very little on civilian oversight and they like it that way. Of course if the Ukrainian armed forces attack it will be with the backing of its NATO allies.


"In the Russian Empire the Nudelmans (Victoria Nuland) of Khmelnitsky were separated from the Blinkens (Tony Blinken) of Pereiaslav by a bad road. The US war on Russia has united Ukrainians  - westward, where the anti-semites are, still. Eastward stand the Russians. Still."


'Kiev is getting ready to launch another large scale offensive in Donbass'

"DPR leader Pushilin: 'Kiev is getting ready to launch another large scale offensive in Donbass, the amount of equipment being deployed by the regime near the frontline is reaching the levels of 2018."


Kovalik: Biden Administration wastes no time in provoking Russia with more military aid to Ukraine

"For the US to provide aid with the explicit purpose of 'enhancing the lethality' of the Ukrainian armed forces is greatly alarming. Post-Maidan Ukraine is the world's only nation to have a neo-Nazi formation in its armed forces.

It is important to note that the US Defense Department makes it clear that, in addition to the $125 million already being allocated to Ukraine, another $150 million is there to be released under certain conditions,* and purging the neo-Nazis from the ranks of Ukraine's armed forces is tellingly NOT one of them..."

*But attacking Donbass at the instigation of Biden et al may very well be...


"Zelensky government continues Poroshenko policy of glorification in Ukraine of Nazi collaborators from OUN and UPA such as Shukhevych, who were involved in mass murder of Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians."

Not hard to understand why easterners resist the kleptocratic fascist rule of Kyiv. This from Biden's/Freeland's favourite oligarch/president Porky P:

Poroshenko: 'Their children will hole up in basements.'


Why the War in Ukraine May Soon Resume

"There have been a number of reports about heavy Ukrainian equipment moving east and other hints of military preparations. Russia has seen enough such signs to issue a strong warning..."


Canada's Banderite Lobby Prepares...

"Great meeting last night with my colleagues in the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group..."

Biden. A criminal  returns to the scene of his crime.


Ukraine approves strategy to 'recover' Crimea threatening all out war with Russia

"...As part of its '3 pillars' strategy for retaking Ukraine, Ukrainian FM Dmytro Kuleba notably stated that Zelensky's administration sought 'full Ukrainian sovereignty' over not just Crimea but that of the port city of Sevastopol as well, which serves as the home of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet.

Following Kuleba's comments, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced via Twitter the creation of a Crimean Platform Initiative. The first summit of the newly created group is planned to take place in August and Zelensky reported having already spoken with the EU, Canada, the UK and Turkey regarding the group's creation.

As Kuleba and Kiev are well aware, any attempt to impose its 'full sovereignty' over one of the Russian Navy's most important warm water ports on the Black Sea would result in a full-scale war that threatens the outbreak of a third world war. While Zelensky was initially elected in 2019 on the basis of a rejection of the far-right militaristic nationalism espoused by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko, Zelensky is now adopting a potentially even more reckless strategy. Much indicates that he is being supported in this by the United States..."


G7 Foreign Ministers Statement on Ukraine

"Crimea is Ukraine."


Wreaking havoc: Supporters of Neo-Nazi Leader Vandalize Ukrainian Presidential Office

Just another day in Canada-backed Neo-Nazi NATO Ukraine. Svoboda, Pravi Sektor, Azov demo. We arm them, train them and give them medals. Canadian 'progressives' ignore all this because, just like last time, their violent Nazi hatred of Russia is useful.  See below.


Donbass: Where the Negotiations End and War Starts

"The Kiev regime of Volodymyr Zelensky is now in the same strategically vulnerable position as Petro Poroshenko's regime was after the presidential election of May 2014. Both were facing domestic alienation and armed opposition, which for different reasons in the east of the country and the west, were impossible for the presidents to overcome, compose or coordinate.

Both have calculated they should provoke a military confrontation in the Donbass in order to draw the US Government and the NATO allies into rushing a combination of fresh money into Kiev and arms on to the line of contact in the east..."


"In another illegal decision, Zelensky has ruled to remove the head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. He stamps out unconstitutional decisions one after another. If Ukraine were a democracy, he [Zelensky] would have been impeached already."


Ukrainian soldiers share videos as they are mobilised to the border with Russia alongside NATO forces (and vid)

"Ukrainian soldier headed to Donbass with an SS Div Totenkopf patch on his arm. So these are the guys NATO, the US [, Canada] and the EU are backing. Interesting."



Military Clashes Raise Danger of Major Escalation Between Russia and Ukraine

"...On Wednesday, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that 'Ukraine may take provocative actions which could lead to war.' He accused the US of using Ukraine as a means to create conditions for war, stating 'The West is preparing for nothing less than war with us.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden spoke with Zelensky for the first time since he took office. Biden pledged 'unwavering support' for Ukraine against Russia. Throughout the week there were at least three high-level calls between the American and Ukrainian governments, involving Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The Wall Street Journal described the crisis as a 'test' for the Biden administration. Since coming into office, the Biden administration has made clear that it would pursue an extremely aggressive course toward Russia. Biden called Putin a 'killer without a soul' in an interview - an extraordinary attack on the head of state of another country - triggering a diplomatic crisis.

Underlying the growing danger of war and the increasingly reckless moves of the imperialist powers and their allies is the profound crisis of the world capitalist system which has been significantly accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. While the Ukrainian oligarchy's reckless provocations are no doubt in part an effort to divert enormous class tensions outward, the driving force behind the conflict is the historic decline of US imperialism and its efforts to offset it by military means..."


Prof. Paul Robinson, U of Ottawa: Reports of Russian troops 'massing' near Ukraine miss the mark: Russia-Ukraine war is possible but only if Ukraine strikes first.

"As tensions escalate in eastern Ukraine, the real danger is not a Russian invasion, but that the Ukrainian government will misinterpret American signals of support as a green light for an assault on the rebel republics in Donbass..."


CrossTalk Bullhorns: Flashpoint Ukraine

"Ukraine is back in the news again - and not in a good way. Escalating rhetoric could lead to more conflict within Ukraine. Who is driving this impending conflict and why?"



CNN website replaces photo of 'Russian Tanks' with Zelensky wearing body-armour

"Dear CNN TV channel and its friendly staff, we understand that you have no time for fact-checking. You are mired so deeply in the ideological struggle in the name of the triumph of liberalism, but not to the same extent when you palm off Ukrainian tanks at a Ukrainian railway station against the background of Ukrainian rail cars as Russia's preparations for war.'

American war-propaganda and incitement requires such fabrications. CNN is fake news.


After the bear showed its teeth Ukraine filed for peace

"It seems that the order has come from Washington to stand down - at least for now..."


Trouble ahead? Russia, US in Black Sea showdown over Ukraine

France 24 panel discussion.


"The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) notes that a report from the non-profit research group the Soufan Center claims that at least 14 Canadians have traveled to Ukraine to train with extremists."

And even more CF members of 'Op Unifier' to help 'train' them. Next we'll be allowing Azov Nazis to openly recruit here just as Canada does Israel's IDF murder machine.


CrossTalk on Ukraine: Toward War?

"Western governments and western media portray the tensions within Ukraine as a conflict involving Russia and Ukraine. This is false. There is a roadmap to resolve Ukraine's internal strife. And it is called the Minsk Accords. Russia is not the problem - but NATO expansion is."