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Thread title formatting

Hey folks,

I'd like to remind people of the format for thread titles - it's the same as headlines. First letter of first word is capitalized and all other words in the title are lower case unless they are person or place names, words that are always capitalized. If you could all try to remember the proper format, it would save me a boatload of time editing threads titles.

Thank you!


Also, when creating a thread title, less is more. You want enough info to encourage people to read it but you don't need to include all the information that can be found in the thread content.


I had no idea but I will now try to remember. I think I might have followed the grammar rule for titles. 

Sean in Ottawa

I think more than encouragement we want to avoid clickbait and have informative titles that encourage you to open the thread becuase you are interested in the topic instead of just trying to find out what the heck it is about or becuase it is misleading


While I agree that thread titles should be short, they should contain more information than simply names of countries.


I would personally like to see:

1. Titles that are more neutral and less judgement- laden or self- congratulatory. They often sound like titles of Conservative bills  full of cloying euphemisms.

2. Consolidation of similar topics under the same thread rather than a proliferation of titles on basically the same topic.




The consolidating subject thing makes sense except it often happens because there are different aspects of a topic being discussed at the same time but eventually they stray so become more generalized. For example you could have a thread on the Iran crash centered on US involvement and another focusing on Iran's perspective or some other aspect.