What Are You Doing to Keep Physically Fit During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

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What Are You Doing to Keep Physically Fit During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Long walks, especially earlier in the day, getting the circulation going, but even walking is no longer the same as it use to be with the social distancing challenges. Generalizing it might help if we were to walk one way, on one side of the road, and walk the other way on the other side of the road.

And for those who want something more energetic than a walk:

[FHD] MOMCHANG FITNESS_(Beauty Muscle Fit)-Jungdayeon_チョンダヨン_ 郑多燕_鄭多燕_Fat Burning Cardio Workout



Douglas Fir Premier

While I don't have an activity tracker to keep count, between my bed, the bathroom, and kitchen, I am relatively confident that I'm getting my 100 steps in each day.


My daughter made a bet with me that she will get 6 pack abs before I do, so we've been doing a set of old exercise DVDs I bought 8 years ago and never used.  She's going to win the bet.  P90X is the program name, it's adorably dated and the trainer's patter is pleasant and mellow.  We've been pretty disciplined about it, but I feel for my downstairs neighbours, it's been too cold/rainy to do outside so they've been dealing with the thumps.

Also daily walks and throwing stuff in the backyard too.   Keep on moving, keep on keeping on...


Walking, gardening. Oh, and standing in extremely long lineups for groceries.


Concerning the long lineups do you have something like this in your area? 

Wondering how long the line-up for the grocery store is? This new Vancouver-based website tells you

Female-founded Howbsy.com uses crowd-sourced data to offer a heads-up about how long you’ll need to wait for essential services.