NO To $19 Billion For Fighter Jets! Invest in a Just Recovery & a Green New Deal

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NO To $19 Billion For Fighter Jets! Invest in a Just Recovery & a Green New Deal

No to $19 Billion For Fighter Jets - Yes to Peace and Canadian Prosperity

"Click 'Start Writing' to submit a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of National Defence Sajjan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Champagne and MPs, to demand that the Canadian Federal government cancel the $19 Billion competition for 88 new fighter jets and instead invest in a just recovery and a green new deal."


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Deadline to Submit Bids to Build Canada's Next Fighter Jets Lands Today

"...Today is the submission deadline for the three aerospace firms bidding for the right to build Canada's next fighter jets. Public Services and Procurement Canada confirmed it has received three proposals - one each from US defence giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and one from Swedish aircraft maker Saab. The Liberal government plans to buy 88 new fighter jets. It will have to start paying for them [$19 billion] just as the navy is expected to start receiving the first of its new frigates [estimated $65 billion]. Both bills will come due at a time when the federal government will start digging itself out of pandemic debt..."


NO, Canada Doesn't Need To Spend $19 Billion on Fighter Jets

"Spending $19 b on fighter jets only makes sense based on a vision of Canadian foreign policy that includes fighting in future US and NATO wars, a vision that's in need of a reset.."

 But won't be because Canadians won't get off their asses or lift a finger to stop it. (Do we even have a Canadian peace movement worthy of the name anymore?) And  the coming presidency of Joe Biden will have big war-plans that will definitely include shaking down American vassal-states like Canada to pay more. You know the drill Canuckleheads. Bend over touch your toes and say Ah/ouch for that murderous old psycho you never refuse Uncle Sam.




Lockheed Martin Promises $16.9b Investment To Canadian Economy With F-35s

"The Liberals, prior to being elected in 2015, promised not to buy the F-35 and instead purchase a cheaper aircraft and plow the savings into the navy. The Trudeau government eventually relented and allowed the Lockheed Martin into the competition and even bowed to pressure from the Trump administration to make sure the playing field was level in terms of evaluation of the economic benefits.

Critics have often complained that the F-35 - a stealth fighter with advanced sensing technology - will be too expensive to maintain over the long term. At the moment, it costs $35,000 per hour to fly, according to figures released Thursday by the company..."

No F-35s or any other jets, warships etc! We need the money for Canadians not vassalage tributes to US imperialist warplans.


Canada's Plan to Buy New Fighter Jets Silent on $19.1 Billion in Sustainment Costs [MUST READ!]

"...A blank cheque approach that focuses on the sticker cost of a fighter jet but not its sustainment coasts may be related to the Goverment of Canada's stated intention to spend more than half-a-trillion dollars on the military over the next 20 years..."

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The very idea of spending so very much to increase the likelihood of war is so outlandish as to beggar the imagination. Surely Canadians must and will refuse this madness by the Trudeau regime on behalf of the military-industrial complex? Surely a strong and decisive peace-movement is needed now more than ever before?


Did Canadian warplanes bring peace and human rights to Libya?

On the 10th anniversary of Canada's bombing missions over Libya, a public debate on the use of Canada's fighter jets is needed, writes Brent Patterson.


I'm against a single cent for fighter planes and always have been. But why on earth do you have to insult us?