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'So According to Twitter, China and Russia Have State Affiliated Media But the US and Canada Don't'

"As on Youtube and Facebook, this labeling double standard is intentional. Social media giants are doing the bidding of the US state to discredit unapproved 'enemy' perspectives."


How We Could End Up Banned From Discussing An 'October Surprise' on Social Media this Election

"Google-owned YouTube's policy of censoring any information that could affect the election if obtained via 'hack' would likely be taken up by other platforms too..."


US Feud With TikTok Emblematic of Rise of Techno-Nationalism (radio)

"US President Donald Trump's feud with the popular TikTok video-sharing social-networking app likely has less to do with overall concerns for national security and more to do with the rise of techno-nationalism, according to one Canaidan cybersecurity expert. 'Basically, he's trying to appear strong..."


Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander Has Joined Amazon's Board of Directors

"A surveillance-friendly choice."

'Hey Alexa' - Fuck you and your spying...