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Biden-Kerry International Climate Politricks

"...There's now a fair question that cuts to the heart of financing: can Biden be trusted with such promises - because justifiable fury has emerged in the US working class, that the $2000 covid-19 survival and stimulus check per adult that Biden promised he would send out when he assumed power last week will actually be only $1400 and will only arrive in March..."


Just more  lies.

Americans already have received $600 and Biden is trying to get Americans the other $1,400 which makes $2,000. Imagine that. And Biden's being blocked at every opportunity by the GOP. Americans can thank their lucky stars the Democrats are in power. And I'm confident Biden will deliver.


Against Climate Gloom and Doom

When given a chance, life finds a way. Here are some reasons to keep hoping — and fighting.


Environmental scholar Elin Kelsey suggests that the conservation of coastal ecosystems hinges on hope. Photo via Shutterstock.

[Editor’s note: As the environmental problems facing our world compound, despair may feel like a rational response. In her new book ‘Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis,’ environmental scholar Elin Kelsey makes an evidence-based argument for choosing hope over despair. Kelsey holds up examples of how ecosystems — including along our coasts and in our ocean — have managed to rebound from damage when given the chance, illustrating nature’s impressive resilience. By sharing these case studies, Kelsey offers reasons to reject apathy and to mobilize. Only if we believe there’s an opportunity to make a real positive impact will we find the motivation to fight for the protection and restoration of ecosystems we depend on. In this condensed excerpt, Kelsey shares a few hope-filled success stories specific to coastal ecosystems.]


AOC and Bernie Are Teaming Up to Get Biden to Declare Climate Change a National Emergency

“We are in the midst of a climate emergency. It is time for the United States to act like it.”

By Samir Ferdowsi

AOC and Bernie Sanders are teaming up to declare the climate crisis a national emergency—but the only person who can make that happen is President Joe Biden. 

The National Climate Emergency Act of 2021, introduced on Tuesday by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, would require the president to enact a state of national emergency, which would give him more power to direct resources and money to reverse the effects of the climate crisis. Experts say that’s still possible—although the world is getting dangerously close to a “point of no return.”


Will Canada ever wake up and seriously address the shipping industry or do the Paul Martins of the world run Planet Earth?

Rhetorical question!

Shipping - worse than aviation!


Bad News which Canada is contributing to Big Time


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