National Post Tells Conservatives "The Only Way To Stop Trudeau Is To Vote Erin O'Toole"

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Mighty Middle
National Post Tells Conservatives "The Only Way To Stop Trudeau Is To Vote Erin O'Toole"

Writing in an editorial

Conservatives should move past the bickering that tainted their recent policy convention and get behind leader Erin O’Toole. Whatever divisions lay within the party they are not worth electoral oblivion. Unseating Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, not fighting each other, is the best use of all that passion and energy.

and ending with

As for O’Toole, he was brought up in a blue-collar family and served in the military for 12 years. That is a profile that contrasts well against the entitled prime minister. Conservatives should leave their differences aside and support their leader.

National Post is not the only one telegraphing this - there seems to be a narrative from many Conservatives singing from the same songbook

"The only way to STOP Justin Trudeau is to vote Erin O'Toole"

Will this argument resonate with card carrying Conservatives?


They know they can't win and they are desperate.

On Canadian unity, he invited Quebec nationalists to join him in a grand coalition and argued that “a Conservative government in Ottawa” is the “one thing that will help Alberta and Saskatchewan feel secure and more welcome in Confederation.”

Why would Quebec nationalists care about provinces of a country they don't want to be part of?  You want to separate? Go right ahead. That is exactly what Quebec nationalists want. 

Ridiculous conspiracy theories aside, pro-life Conservatives should ask themselves which party is more likely to implement policies that support families, specifically those aimed at curbing abortions — one led by Erin O’Toole, or the one led by Justin Trudeau? Because unless they believe keeping the Liberal party in government is in the best interests of social conservatives, they should consider more constructive ways of shaping policy. Embarrassing O’Toole is not a philosophy.

According to anti-abortionists Canada is murdering 80K babies per year. If I believed that there is no other issue that would compare. The Conservatives have to present them with a plan not just general promises to support families. No other developed country in the world lacks any laws on abortion. To anti-abortionists it is absolutely reasonable to pass laws concerning abortion at least from the 3rd trimester. At the very least it should be an open debate not silenced and doctors and hospitals should have freedom of conscience.

"Family friendly policies" like what? Like being anti-union? How is free trade "family friendly" and we already have "free trade" deals with the US and Europe. Where's the problem? 

Conservatives are concerned about Canada being invaded by non-Christians. What will O'Toole do about that? Coupled with the murder of 80K babies a year Canada will become unrecognizable.

The Conservative party chose to encourage anti-abortionists and evangelical christianity to consider the Conservative party home. They don't care about free-trade or unions. They want to hear Merry Christmas not Happy Holiday. They want protection from change. 

The Conservatives are screwed.