Happy International Women’s day, we have some work to do. This year the International Women’s Day theme is gender parity because according to a recent report at the World Economic Forum, at this rate it will take us 117 years to get there!

Last year, Catalyst Canada, reported that Canadian women earn $0.82 to every $1 earned by men. That’s marginally better than the U.S.’s $0.78 for every $1, but sets the gap in Canada at 18 per cent — much higher than in other countries, specifically in Europe. The global pay gap was about $4,000 on average between men and women, and the Canadian pay gap was just over $8,000.

This year IWD and allies like Ken Neumann from the United Steelworkers have released tools to help us build towards gender parity. 


Maya Bhullar

Maya Bhullar has over 15 years of professional experience in such diverse areas as migration, labour, urban planning and community mobilization. She has a particular interest in grassroots engagement,...