Senator Ratna Omidvar. Image credit: Boris Baldinger/World Economic Forum/Flickr
Increasing Access to Justice, Sheldon Falk | Don't let Bill S-222 -- which seeks to eliminate mandated racist and colonial ways of engaging with communities -- die on the order paper.
Kamloops residential school memorial, May 30th 2021. Image credit: GoToVan/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | We have known for decades what it will take to rewrite the future history of Indigenous nations in Canada. When will any government get the courage to take the first step?
Scottish government officials overlooking peatlands. Image credit: Scottish government/Flickr
David Suzuki | As with many ecosystems that keep the planet habitable for humans -- forests, wetlands, grasslands, oceans -- peatlands have been under attack by humans who have failed to comprehend their importance.
Zoe Dodd and Keith McCrady. Image credit: used with permission
Victoria Fenner, Resh Budhu | Episode four of the Courage My Friends podcast asks: 'What can Indigenous philosophies teach us about health and wellness?' With guests Zoë Dodd and Keith McCrady.
Blog graphic featuring Off the Hill panelists
Kim Elliott | Truth and reconciliation, like thoughts and prayers, are empty without meaningful, concrete and ongoing actions.
Helyeh Doutaghi (left) and Ashley Courchene (right). Image credit: Doutaghi and Courchene/used with permission.
Helyeh Doutaghi, Ashley Courchene | The media cycles in which Islamophobic killings crowd out stories about Indigenous children's remains suggests competition among different groups of victims, despite shared root causes.
Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson. Image credit: Andrew Parsons/No 10 Downing Street/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | The U.K., Germany, and Canada were silent on the subject of monopoly pharmaceutical companies unwilling to act on behalf of countries in need of vaccines because it would interfere with their profits.
Justin Trudeau landing in Brussels. Image credit: Justin Trudeau/Twitter.
Brent Patterson | To build peace, we need to end the war against nature and stop the killing of land and environmental defenders.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G7 summit. Image credit: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Brent Patterson | The G7 summit communique falls short of the urgent action needed to confront the human rights and environmental crisis of climate change.
Jason Kenney in the 2010 Calgary Stampede Parade, back when he was Member of Parliament for Calgary Midnapore. Image credit: 5of7/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Ottawa is going to have to try to find a way to implement a vaccine certificate that can be used to protect those us who have been abiding by the rules.
RCMP on display at the Calgary Stampede. Image credit: Pikist.
Gary Engler | Our country has glorified white male warrior, racist colonialism and participated in it at home and abroad. Our laws, our institutions, our foreign policy, our culture have all been affected by it.
The X-Press Pearl before the Sri Lanka disaster. Image credit: Isuruhetti/Wikimedia Commons
Joyce Nelson | In mid-May, the X-Press Pearl container ship started leaking acid and caught fire while anchored off the coast of Sri Lanka. The fire destroyed much cargo, but plastic debris started washing ashore.