A Lockheed Martin F-35 warplane. (Image: Ant Le Breton/Flickr)
Brent Patterson | The Canadian government's purchase of new warplanes is on an "aggressive" schedule, while its promise to end long-term boil water advisories could be delayed.
Image: Veni-Vidi Vint/Unsplash
David Suzuki | The role of any animal within its ecological niche is far more complicated than the single predator-prey interaction that culling purportedly tries to control.
B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on the campaign trail flanked by B.C. Liberal candidate Helen Poon (Image: Andrew Wilkinson/Twitter)
David J. Climenhaga | Andrew Wilkinson, leader of the right-wing B.C. Liberals, is campaigning on a promise to cut the provincial sales tax.
New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon speaks at a climate action rally outside the office of premier Blaine Higgs in Fredericton, September 25. (Image: Photo by Joan Green​)
Susan O'Donnell | Given its legacy of toxic radioactive waste, nuclear energy would not be considered "clean technology" by most Canadians. However the nuclear industry has been working hard to scrub its image.
Image: Used with permission of the Fairy Creek blockaders.
Scott Neigh | Carole Tootill and Joshua Wright talk about the Fairy Creek blockades, which are defending some of the last big-tree, old-growth forest on Vancouver Island from clear-cut logging.
Image: Ella Ivanescu/Unsplash​
Robert Hackett | Interviews with five of Canada's environmentalist voices -- David Suzuki, Catherine McKenna, Graham Saul, Bruce Lourie and Tzeporah Berman -- on strategies and options for a green recovery.
Photo of demonstrators at the Wescam HQ on September 28, 2020. Image: contributed photo
Matthew Behrens | Two new reports on Canadian weapons exports reveal that Canadian-based corporate entities are complicit in the commission of war crimes in Yemen, Turkey, Libya, Syria and Iraq.
Book Review
Author image: Nadya Kwandibens/Red Works Photography
Shanese Steele | Simpson's new novel "Noopiming" is a healing journey of Indigenous futurism through poetry, song and storytelling.
Prime Minister Trudeau giving a speech on September 22. Image: Justin Trudeau/Screenshot of Twitter video
Bruce Campbell | The Liberal government will need to be pushed towards transformative change by widespread political mobilization and a paradigm shift as occurred at the end of the Second World War.
Image: Marco Verch/Flickr
Adam R. Houston, Srinivas Murthy | Justin Trudeau's assertion that "to eliminate the virus anywhere, we need to eliminate it everywhere" somehow doesn’t feel like the inspirational commitment to equitable access it once did.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford gives a press briefing on September 23, 2020. Image: Doug Ford/Twitter
Rick Salutin | Ford puts blame for the mess we're back into on individuals. But the difference between them and him is they didn't have the capacity to alleviate or screw up the lives of a whole province.
Photo of this week's speech from the throne. Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Chelsea Nash | The labour movement clearly has the ear of the Trudeau government, some observers say.