Podcast December 6
Image: OSSTF. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, C. Marie Ainsborough, Derek Blackadder | RadioLabour's Canada Report: Ont. teachers strike for the students. And the poetry of a B.C. picket line.
News December 6
Image: Ivan Castaneira
Diana Vela Almeida | This fall, Ecuador erupted into massive protests against neoliberal economic reforms. Protesters orchestrated a unified national shutdown and spurred an international movement against neoliberalism.
Podcast December 5
Image: Pixabay/Alfred Dielman
Victoria Fenner | Graeme Truelove says discrimination against Muslims is typical of how we've treated other non-white immigrant groups. An interview with the author and a reading from his book.
Podcast December 5
Image: Farzad Park and Europe Media Nest. Used with permission.
Face2Face | Iranian activist Mahnaz Mohammadi discusses her feature film about how a marriage proposal leads to a single mother's choice between financial security and what's best for her family.
Columnists December 5
2009 Right Livelihood award ceremony. Image: Holger Motzkau 2010/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Each year for the past four decades, in the short, dark days of December, people have gathered in Sweden's capital to celebrate change-makers, whistleblowers and resistance leaders.
Blog December 4
Tunney's Pasture LRT station in Ottawa. Image: Sean_Marshall/Flickr
Ed Finn | Uncontrolled global capitalism can be considered the ultimate outcome of the Peter principle, which theorizes the development of business and political incompetence.
Blog December 4
Image: J.H./Flickr
David Suzuki | The biggest threat to the Arctic is climate change, not geese. When nature is out of whack, human activity and our extractive economy are most often to blame.
Columnists December 3
Aerial view of person using computer laptop and a smartphone. Image: Rawpixel Ltd/Flickr
Marie Aspiazu, Digital Freedom Update | Big Telecom is fighting tooth and nail to reverse a landmark CRTC decision that already lowered internet prices in Canada. But we can still stop them.
Blog December 3
Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews speaks about budget 2019. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The UCP's public disparagement of nurses is a troubling development, which shows just how cocksure the party is right now as it sets about dismantling public health care.
Columnists December 3
Premier Jason Kenney and Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer announce Bill 13, the Alberta Senate Election Act. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | Imagine living in a place where liberalism and democracy have dissipated, and given way to authoritarian government. Imagine a jurisdiction where open discussion is out of the question.
Podcast December 3
Image: Piqsels
Scott Neigh | Using drugs safely -- Bryce Koch is a registered nurse in Winnipeg and he talks about the work of the Harm Reduction Nurses Association and Project Safe Audience.
Blog December 3
Kim Elliott | On this #GivingTuesday, please consider making us your cause and show some love for non-profit media.