Image: GoToVan/Wikipedia
Victoria Fenner | A replay of a webinar by Feminists Deliver on June 8, 2020, featuring a panel of Black women activists talking about a wide range of subjects relating to anti-Black racism in Canada.
Image: Tumisu/Pixabay
Chi Nguyen | The federal government has an opportunity to put more effective principles of community-ownership, youth empowerment, and intergenerational thinking in re-shaping the Canada Student Service grant.
Lethbridge-West NDP MLA Shannon Phillips, who was environment minister in the Notley government. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Left unmentioned so far in the affair is its relationship to the continuous abuse endured by female politicians in Alberta by right-wingers while the NDP was in power.
Image: Judith Helfand. Used with permission.
David Peck | Judith Helfand on her new film "Love and Stuff," mothers, grief, defiance and resilience, living well and why we all need to do a stuff review.
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Judy Rebick | It takes a village to keep social justice journalism going, and thanks to all of you, we have that village.
Image: Saurabh Singh/Unsplash
David Suzuki | Unresponsive environmental policies systematically result in concentration of pollution risks -- and inadequate access to environmental benefits -- in disadvantaged Canadian communities.
Then British prime minister David Cameron, giving a speech in 2015. Image: Number 10/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The persistence of the "big society" concept helps explain Justin Trudeau's preposterous claim the WE Charity was the only organization in Canada capable of running a nationwide program.
Image: Stan Shebs/Wikimedia
Scott Neigh | Organic vegetable farmer Brent Preston talks about the work of a new national coalition called Farmers for Climate Solutions.
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Doreen Nicoll | Compared with the $71 billion that CERB will cost for just 24 weeks of payments, GLI could be a more fiscally responsible means of providing Canadians with financial security.
Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro. Image: Screenshot of Government of Alberta video
David J. Climenhaga | The echo chamber of UCP "issues managers" and press secretaries vilifies any doctor that talks back, and seems to be daring physicians to leave the province.
Chris Ramsaroop (left) and Jade Guthrie (right), organizers with Justicia for Migrant Workers. Images: Submitted
Chelsea Nash | Two activists with Justicia for Migrant Workers say without permanent status, the rest is just a band-aid fix.
Image: TheDigitalWay/Pixabay
Jim Stanford | After four months of terrible economic data, last week's employment report from Statistics Canada contained some welcome news. But it confirms we are still locked in a historic crisis.