Niki Ashton. Photo courtesy of Niki Ashton
Niki Ashton | As progressives, we must find ways to build solidarity at home and around the world, work with movements and activists who share our values and put forward a bold vision for our collective future.
Bob Gallagher. Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Libby Davies | Libby Davies pays tribute to activist and organizer Bob Gallagher, talking to her friend and colleague about the moment 40 years ago when everything changed for Toronto's LGBTQ community.
University of Alberta campus. Image credit: Janusz Sliwinski/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | In the 2021 Alberta budget, the University of Alberta's grant has been slashed by 11 per cent, or $60.1 million. Also: another tiki-torch march; former MLA Janice Sarich remembered.
Street scene from downtown Vancouver.
Jase Tanner | Three members of Vancouver's Overdose Prevention Society discuss how the organization saves people's lives from drug overdose, while also providing a safe haven and community.
Hand holding smartphone. Image: Stock Catalog/Flickr -
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The Supreme Court in the U.K. has ruled that Uber drivers are not independent contractors. They are workers employed by the company so deserve to be compensated as such.
Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews reads his budget speech in a COVID-19-safe Legislature as Premier Jason Kenney looks on. Image credit: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr - Photograph by EPIC Photography/Legislative Assembly Office
David Climenhaga | If you want to know how quickly front-line pandemic heroes turn into back-of-the-line zeroes in Jason Kenney's Alberta, the answers are in Thursday's provincial budget.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons, September 2020. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The purpose of the NDP's pharmacare bill was to advance a process to which the Trudeau government claims it is fully committed. And yet the governing Liberals voted against it.
Canada flag with Parliament Hill in background. Image credit: tsaiproject/Flickr
Rick Salutin | Let's be clear regarding this week's parliamentary vote on genocide. It was about what to call what's happening in China, not what to do about it.
Prime Minister Trudeau attends question period, September 2020. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Matthew Behrens | While many Liberals did vote to support the genocide motion introduced this week, any subsequent commitment to assisting Uyghur refugees and taking actions on Chinese repression appear elusive.
Vaccine vials. Image credit: Daniel Schludi/Unsplash
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | A key impediment to the mass vaccination of the global population is a supply shortage precipitated by greed.
Image: Screenshot of film trailer
Kim Ives | The film provides a devastating analysis of the last four decades of Haitian history and the collusion between Washington, Ottawa, and Paris in Haiti's domination and exploitation.
People sitting around boardroom table. Image credit: Christina @
Shelina Ali, Pro Bono | Without directly addressing how non-profit governance is designed around privilege, there cannot be meaningful progress in ensuring diversity on the boards of these organizations.