News April 3
Image: Mel Watkins
Karl Nerenberg | Colleagues and friends pay tribute to the late Mel Watkins, a towering figure.
Podcast April 3
Image: OFL. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, Derek Blackadder | RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with OFL president Patty Coates; CUPE's support of front-line workers; and more.
Columnists April 2
A view of Rikers Island prison in New York City in 2013. Image: formulanone/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Flattening the curve of COVID-19 will only happen through massive collective action. All levels of government need to quickly release as many prisoners as possible.
Blog April 2
Trans Mountain pipeline construction continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Image: Kanahus Manuel/Twitter
Brent Patterson | The World Health Organization says that climate change increases the risk of contagious diseases, yet this pandemic is seeing increased state subsidies for oil and gas.
Blog April 2
The Alberta legislature in Edmonton. Image: Jeff Wallace/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | A roundup of Alberta news stories you may have missed.
Columnists April 2
Image: David Stewart/Flickr
Matt Hatfield, Digital Freedom Update | We cannot allow lack of access, unaffordable service, restrictive data caps or slow speeds to further marginalize Canada's most vulnerable populations during a time of social distancing.
Book Review April 2
Author image: SFU Library/Flickr
Alexandra Valahu | In her new book, "My Art Is Killing Me and Other Poems," Amber Dawn names abuses of power in certain spaces and communities.
Podcast April 2
Shifaa Hospital, Gaza. Image: Gigi Ibrahim/Flickr
Victoria Fenner | Mariam Abu Alatta, project officer with the Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection in Gaza, talks about the COVID-19 outbreak and how it's affecting life in the early days of the pandemic.
Podcast April 1
Image: Richard Bell and Karma Film. Used with permission
Face2Face | Richard Bell talks about his new film "Brotherhood," dignity and self-sacrifice, putting others before ourselves, rites of passage, real boys and toxic masculinity.
Blog March 31
Pop superstar Britney Spears receives RDMA "Icon" Award in 2017. Image: Walt Disney Television/Flickr
Amanda Harvey-Sanchez | Americans are not willing to die for the profits of the 1%, but they are eager to fight for those they love. If Donald Trump attempts to reopen the U.S. economy, working-class Americans should strike.
Blog March 31
Image: Vinoth Chandar/Flickr
David Suzuki | We're facing a crisis trifecta: COVID-19, climate disruption and plunging oil prices. This is exposing flaws in the systems we've been relying on far beyond their best-before dates.
Blog March 31
Jason Kenney gives a press briefing, March 31, 2020. Image: Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | COVID-19 is here and the Alberta government is fighting with doctors, laying off public-sector workers and giving away billions to the oil industry.