In solidarity with this weekend's Occupy Canada rallies across the nation, we have brought together our best stories on the Occupy movement in of our popular printable digest, rabble rouser. Share it!

A big moment in progressive Canadian history, Occupy Canada begins in dozens of cities from coast to coast on Saturday, Oct. 15.

And we at rabble want to share our best news and analysis on the movement so far with readers.

In solidarity, the latest copy of our popular printable digest, the rabble rouser, is a special two-page Occupy edition. Download and print it, remail it, and share it! It’s a great read!

Stories include:

• A message from Occupied Wall Street

• Asking the big economic questions

• Making room for racial justice

… and more!

The rabble rouser is designed for printing double-sided onto a single piece of paper (and for making copies and distributing). But it is also good for reading online.

Click here to download the PDF. (For technical reasons, the image is not linked to the PDF) 

We’ve also created an international version, which you can download here.

To keep up to date with the latest #occupy canada news, bookmark our special issue page.