Last week the 2013 Rideau Institute Leadership Award was presented to public-interest lawyer Steven Shrybman for his many years of work and achievements in promoting democracy. The Rideau Institute Leadership Award is given by the Rideau Institute Board of Directors to a person or group for making an outstanding contribution to a progressive vision of Canada.

Congratulations Steven! is proud to publish Steven Shrybman’s blog. As one of Canada’s leading advocates, Mr. Shrybman has championed Canadian sovereignty and environmental protection in the face of free trade, privatization and encroaching corporate interests. Among his many achievements, he stopped the first foreign take-over under the Investment Canada Act in 2008, and rolled back the rush toward privatization by preventing the selloff of Hydro One in 2002.

Most recently, Mr. Shrybman has turned to protecting our democracy by uncovering the robocalls scandal, and representing electors in six federal ridings who have asked the court to annul the results of the May 2011 election in those ridings.

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