United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 April 3
Local 401 wins Sofina Foods union member significant monetary award after two-year WCB battle.
Harrowsmith March 28
This video is a short interview with Paul Noble an organic dairy farmer, near Arthur Ontario.
Toronto & York Region Labour Council March 28
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
The Ford government has taken Bill 66 into 3rd reading in the legislature as a reward to non-union contractor lobbyists who have been trying for years to undermine union standards.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees March 28
NDP leader Rachel Notley announced that if elected her government would create 2,000 long-term care beds throughout the province.
Socialist Worker March 26
This is an important victory in the fight against the forces of hate and the far right because a broad, diverse group of counter-protesters completely shut down islamophobic group, PEGIDA.
United Food and Commercial Workers March 26
UFCW activists joined migrant workers, community organizations, and concerned citizens to rally for migrant justice and denounce racism and xenophobia.
Food Secure Canada March 26
Food Secure Canada, and especially the Coalition for Healthy School Food, have important wins to celebrate in the 2019 federal budget announced March 19th.
National Union of Public and General Employees March 21
National Union of Public and General Employees
Most of the measures in the budget provide limited support to those facing the most difficulty, rather than solving their problems.
Hospital Employees' Union March 21
As a progressive union dedicated to social justice and advancing labour and human rights on a local and global level, HEU supports organizations working to break barriers and eliminate discrimination.
Canadian Health Coalition March 21
The CHC is encouraged that Budget 2019 includes some initial investments in the foundations of a new national pharmacare program.
Ontario Health Coalition March 19
Ontario Health Coalition
The OHC expressed outrage at the process by which the Ford government is rushing their new sweeping health care restructuring legislation through and is demanding public hearings across Ontario.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association March 19
The intention to increase class sizes will lead to massive job losses and have a devastating impact on student learning and well-being.
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 19
CUPE says the Liberal government’s final budget before the October election fails to give Canadians help when they need it most.
Upstream March 14
Understanding the bell curve is important for the work of public health.
Inter Pares March 14
Once a year, COFAMIDE coordinates a caravan of mothers who travel through Central America and Mexico to investigate the whereabouts of missing migrants and to raise their profile.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario March 14
Instead of addressing the crisis it has created for Ontario children with autism, the Ford government is downloading its obligation to support these students onto public schools.
Canadians for Tax Fairness March 12
Canadians for Tax Fairness
We need to confront tax avoidance and biased tax laws that lead to a lack of funding for women’s needs.
Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation March 12
The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation releases its special March newsletter, featuring information regarding a summit with Noam Chomsky.
United Steelworkers March 12
USW is part of a coordinated industry effort to preserve good Canadian jobs in the steel sector, calling on the federal government to keep current steel industry safeguards in place.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions March 7
Canada’s nurses are optimistic about the interim report released today by the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare.
Unifor March 7
Unifor affirms that a new federal drug agency and limited list of prescription medications alone will not ensure universal access to pharmacare.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation March 7
Five educational workers’ unions have released a joint statement urging the government to rethink its reckless approach to the Ontario Autism Program and put the needs of children first.
Public Service Alliance of Canada March 5
After more than a decade of waiting, hundreds of PSAC members have been given a new job description that truly reflects the work they have been doing for years.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers March 5
The Union has lost another fighter; comrade; brother. Dave Stutt, a tireless advocate and activist who stood up for his fellow sisters and brothers throughout his career, has passed.
Mining Watch March 5
A collective letter was presented to the Cornerstone Capital Resources booth at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s 2019 Conference.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees February 28
The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees provides resources on knowing the facts around fake news.
Inter Pares February 28
The immigration laws that determine migrants’ lives are based on a forced/ voluntary distinction, but the reality is much more complex.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association February 28
OECTA is writing to present issues that are of importance to its 45,000 members as the Standing Committee on Social Policy reviews and considers amendments to Bill 48.
Harrowsmith February 26
Winemakers are finding themselves smack dab in the middle of curious times.
Hospital Employees' Union February 26
On February 27, HEU is urging members to stand up against all forms of harassment and bullying by participating in Pink Shirt Day.