Mining Watch March 5
A collective letter was presented to the Cornerstone Capital Resources booth at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s 2019 Conference.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees February 28
The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees provides resources on knowing the facts around fake news.
Inter Pares February 28
The immigration laws that determine migrants’ lives are based on a forced/ voluntary distinction, but the reality is much more complex.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association February 28
OECTA is writing to present issues that are of importance to its 45,000 members as the Standing Committee on Social Policy reviews and considers amendments to Bill 48.
Harrowsmith February 26
Winemakers are finding themselves smack dab in the middle of curious times.
Hospital Employees' Union February 26
On February 27, HEU is urging members to stand up against all forms of harassment and bullying by participating in Pink Shirt Day.
Canadian Health Coalition February 26
The Canadian Health Coalition supports federal legislation that will ban the private sale of blood and ensure blood and plasma remain safe and public.
Toronto & York Region Labour Council February 21
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
Thousands of morning commuters throughout Toronto will engage with hundreds of volunteers campaigning to stop the ‘grab and sell’ scheme floated by Doug Ford’s provincial government.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada February 21
ARCA’s new paper explains the new requirements for charitable tax status, and why they believe that anti-abortion groups still do not qualify as charities
Fair Vote Canada February 21
Fair Vote Canada
What many Canadians may not know is that in 2015, Jody Wilson-Raybould clearly and strongly supported proportional representation.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions February 19
A national poll released today reveals that Canadians support a national universal prescription drug program, and they believe it is worthy of public investment.
Canadian Union of Public Employees February 19
CUPE support workers at BC’s Thompson Rivers University are featured on digital billboards as part of a campaign to raise public awareness about services that students and the campus community rely on
Canadians for Tax Fairness February 19
Canadians for Tax Fairness
The RCMP and the CRA recently shut down a massive international money laundering network across Canadian cities
National Union of Public and General Employees February 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
A TV spot spot highlights the hard work and caring nature of New Brunswickers delivering public services that make them essential to everyday life in the province.
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 14
Workers at the Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) presented their cost-saving proposals to management as part of an effort to stave off the unnecessary and greed-driven layoffs of 93 unionized employees.
Ontario Health Coalition February 14
Ontario Health Coalition
Please take action to safeguard public health care, stop privatization and stop the massive undemocratic health care bill.
Food Secure Canada February 12
Eat Think Vote is a pre-election campaign, gathering community members across Canada to dialogue with federal candidates ahead of the upcoming election.
Upstream February 12
Canada’s federal government seems poised to prop up the status quo instead of going upstream
United Food and Commercial Workers February 12
On February 14, activists can show their heart and share their solidarity for a better future for First Nations children, and for justice and safety for women and girls.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario February 7
Over 78,000 Ontarians have sent letters to their MPPs in the last two weeks saying that they do not support larger class sizes in public elementary schools as part of a campaign set up by ETFO.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers February 7
CUPW stands with its sisters and brothers in their fight to protect their rights and democracy from foreign governments’ who are intent on dismantling them.
United Steelworkers February 7
More than 100 public health care advocates, including members of the United Steelworkers, visited MPs on Parliament Hill last week to push for universal public pharmacare.
Socialist Worker February 5
Messages of racism and hate were drowned out by numerous counter protesters in Burnaby this past weekend.
Unifor February 5
This year for Black History Month UNIFOR is profiling members from across the country, highlighting their activist contributions and those who inspired them.
UFCW Local 401 February 5
UFCW 401 staff were on hand to join approximately 200 women and men who gathered in Edmonton’s Churchill Square to raise awareness of the ongoing need for gender parity.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario January 31
The Ontario government is moving quickly to sacrifice the safety and well-being of our youngest children to save money, according to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.
Mining Watch January 31
Eritrean refugees want to sue B.C.-based Nevsun Resources over alleged forced labour at its gold mine.
Upstream January 31
Recent research into opioid users, overdose victims, and opioid deaths is shedding light on this problem from a population level.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees January 29
Kenney was responsible for changes to the TFW Program that allowed employers to pay vulnerable migrant workers up to 15-per-cent less than the wages earned by others in the area for the same work.
Hospital Employees' Union January 29
HEU expresses its deep concern at the situation that unfolded earlier this month at the Gidimt’en gate in the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en people.