working TV May 31
working TV
Riding AC/DC's hard rock classic, working TV's video montage captures the energy of a May 25 mass protest in Vancouver. As many as 40,000 people rallied against the deep cuts and neoliberal agenda of
Sluts Against Butts May 30
Guerrilla activists hit Toronto sidewalks today - hauling a portable confession booth for tobacco industry collaborators. Sluts Against Butts are bent on holding big tobacco responsible for manipulat
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation May 30
Despite making deep cuts this year, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is staring down a $23.3-million budget shortfall. Forbidden from running a deficit, the board may not re-open schools in
International Fund for Animal Welfare May 29
The <I>Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act</I> is symbolic legislation to recognize recreational hunting as part of Ontario's heritage. Just as the bill went to debate yesterday, a new poll was release
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 29
Influence-peddling on Parliament Hill is this month's big news. But Canadians should be just as concerned about lobbyists lurking in their own backyards. Increasingly, corporate hucksters are pressin
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 28
Canada's largest union made an aggressive stand this week for public health care. They've always said privatization is less efficient. Now they're saying privatization kills. Appearing before the Rom
Amnesty International May 27
Amnesty International
More than 8,500 Palestinians have been arrested in the Occupied Territories since February 27. Many have been arbitrarily detained, says Amnesty International, and there has been a "pattern of cruel,
Citizens for Public Justice May 27
Citizens for Public Justice
When the Group of 8 leaders take refuge in Kananaskis this June, they will review a plan to pull the "forgotten continent" out of poverty. It's at ambitious call, this New Partnership for African Dev
National Union of Public and General Employees May 25
National Union of Public and General Employees
Ontario must make big changes to ensure safe drinking water. So says the final report of a public inquiry into the Walkerton tragedy. Seven people died and 2,000 more were struck ill when the town's
Public Service Alliance of Canada May 24
Canadians were rethinking their summer vacation plans after 5,000 Parks Canada voted in April to strike. And their union says this pressure is what drove negotiators to reach a tentative agreement th
Democracy Watch May 24
A watchdog group today requested probes into five Canadian senators. The five sat on committees reviewing legislation affecting a corporation in which they may have had financial interests. Because a
National Union of Public and General Employees May 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
Lawyers in British Columbia have overwhelmingly supported a motion of non-confidence in Attorney-General Geoff Plant. Before the 754-to-325 vote, many castigated government plans to close twenty-four
Childcare Resource and Research Unit May 22
In 1990, one of seven Canadian kids lived in poverty. So Canada was one of six nations that year that called for a World Summit for Children. And we led participants in promising to give children top
working TV May 21
working TV
On May 18, 1952, Paul Robeson stood on the back of a flatbed truck at the U.S.-Canada border and sang songs of solidarity to 40,000 people. The American singer and activist had been deemed "a danger
National Union of Public and General Employees May 21
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Canadian Psychiatric Association has condemned the federal government for cutting its already small national budget for mental health promotion. Not long ago, the government was promising to pror
Sluts Against Butts May 17
Sluts Against Butts is rewarding the Big Banks for their collaboration with Big Tobacco. "We&#226;e(TM)re a brand spanking new organization," explained spokesslut Roxy Sabre, "and what better way to
Amnesty International May 16
Amnesty International
On human rights, Canada's practice does not always match its strong reputation. And concerns run deeper than the hastily-drafted security legislation that was passed after September 11. Last week, Am
Sierra Club of Canada May 15
Maya Indian Eligorio Sho is in Newfoundland this week urging Fortis Inc. shareholders to scrap plans for a hydro scheme that would flood Belize's Macal River Valley. The project would destroy ancient
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 15
Since noon yesterday, fifteen health-care workers have occupied part of the B.C. Children's and Women's Hospital in Vancouver. They want a moratorium on contracting out of health services, pending in
Public Service Alliance of Canada May 15
National Defence may pursue plans to turn Canada's military supply chain over to a British firm. At a news conference this morning, unions will outline effects of moving this service beyond the direc
National Union of Public and General Employees May 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
British Columbia moved Monday to rewrite provincial labour laws on behalf of business. The proposed changes effectively scrap the traditional role of the Labour Relations Board as a neutral agency in
Sluts Against Butts May 14
The tobacco machine sees rebellious young women as prime marketing targets. But Sluts Againt Butts are here to say that bad girls can't be bought. They're a group of women bent on holding the industr
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 13
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Nova Scotia's minimum wage buys thirty per cent less than it did in 1976. And the $5.80 hourly base rate is a benchmark that holds down all wages - in a province where one in two workers makes less t
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 13
Quebec's biggest cable distributor is labouring under the weight of job action. The strike was called after all 2,200 workers at Vid
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 10
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Why do the French hate McDonalds? Maybe because they resist being homogenized, standardized, squared - like so many genetically modified (GM) tomatoes that taste like wood but have a shelf life of 10
Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples May 10
Marc Hall is taking his boyfriend to the prom tonight. His Toronto-area Catholic school board had tried to stop him, saying it would not condone "a homosexual lifestyle." But a judge this afternoon g
Alternatives May 10
A recent anti-G8 rally in Montreal hadn't even started when the police encircled hundreds of people in a web of "preventative measures."
Democracy Watch May 9
During elections, is democracy served when third parties can spend huge sums on political advertising? Parliament thought not when it approved new spending limits in 2000. But a familiar name, Stephe
Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples May 8
Marc Hall was in court this week to defend his right to take his boyfriend to the prom. His Toronto-area Catholic school board won't let him, saying it cannot accept "a homosexual lifestyle." The boa
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 7
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The main problem with the popular claim that Ontario's health spending is out of control is that it's not true. While spending has increased since 1994, overall and per capita, it has actually droppe