Canadian Union of Public Employees February 8
They want you to believe that privately-run hospitals are more efficient. They say they're compatible with our cherished principle of universality. But they're wrong, if the British experience is any
B.C. Teachers' Federation February 7
B.C. Teachers' Federation
Class sizes, special services, and teachers' jobs are on the block in British Columbia. For months, the government mocked the teachers' wage proposals: there was just $300-million available — en
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives February 7
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Gideon Rosenbluth says that British Columbia "is making major mistakes in fiscal policy." He is among forty economists who signed an open letter today lambasting the provincial government's planned s
New Politics Initiative February 6
Canadians with disabilities can vote in elections. They can run for office. But does that mean they have equal access to the electoral process? Not in Sam Savona's experience.
Alternatives February 6
A thousand activists gathered in New York last week for a countersummit to the World Economic Forum corporate love-in. Ten times as many staged an exuberant protect march to the Forum's digs at the W
Sierra Club of Canada February 5
In an intriguing role reversal, a coalition of environmental groups has filed a NAFTA complaint against the Canadian government. The groups say Canada is failing to enforce its own legislation by all
Sierra Club of Canada February 5
"We don't think itâe(TM)s in the interests of the Canadian economy." U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci is cautioning Canada about ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions. But are th
Polaris Institute February 5
Polaris Institute
Spectacularly sordid, it's the largest-ever corporate collapse. Still trying to sort out all the Enron players, the connections, the smoking guns? Are there lessons here about "free market" economics
B.C. Teachers' Federation February 5
B.C. Teachers' Federation
A contract imposed. Education quality protections deleted. The agenda was packed when a representative assembly of British Columbia's teachers met over the weekend. All 200 delegates approved a plan
Democracy Watch February 4
The Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission laid down a steaming glove last week. The cross-sectoral group called for twenty-four new measures to make governments and corporations
Alternatives February 4
Debt relief is supposed to help developing nations. But its schemes more often just preserve equity for creditors. It's time to cut to the problem's root, says Lidy Nacpil, a panellist at Friday's Wo
CAW February 1
The dollar drops another notch, and another pundit wants us to adopt the U.S. greenback. But it's ironic, all this talk of merging national currencies. See, companies are winning big with their own <
Alternatives February 1
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil. When: Until February 5. Who: 60,000 people representing diverse social movements from 120 countries. Why: to move past defining what they've against &#151; to begin craft
in cahoots January 31
Teachers left their classrooms on Monday to stage rallies across British Columbia. Hours earlier, the provincial government had legislated an end to their contract negotiations. working TV captured s
Citizens for Public Justice January 30
Citizens for Public Justice
Are you afraid of another terrorist attack? Does fear mute your concerns about shrinking civil rights? About borders closing to refugees? Does fear deaden the horror of thousands of civilian deaths i
Amnesty International January 29
Amnesty International
Are captured Taliban and Al Qaida members "unlawful combatants?" Or are they prisoners of war? What's the difference, and why does it matter?
B.C. Teachers' Federation January 28
B.C. Teachers' Federation
At 3:55 a.m. this morning, after sitting all weekend, B.C.'s legislators laid down their scissors and handed the province's teachers a new collective agreement. Today's legislation "ends" the teacher
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 28
Forcing a contract on British Columbia's 45,000 teachers was only part of this weekend's revelry at the provincial legislature. The province also killed contact protections for health care and social
in cahoots January 25
Vancouver Rape Relief must pay Kimberly Nixon $7,500 compensation for injured feelings &#151; after refusing to train the male-to-female transsexual as a peer counsellor. Last week's B.C. Human Right
working TV January 24
working TV
High school students across B.C. walked out of class yesterday. They're upset that extra-curricular activities have stalled since teachers withdrew volunteer services in their continuing job action.
B.C. Teachers' Federation January 24
B.C. Teachers' Federation
Mere hours after B.C.'s teachers tabled a new contract proposal yesterday, the B.C. Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) cast it aside. The teachers' union says the instant rejection shows t
New Politics Initiative January 24
What's next for the New Politics Initiative (NPI)? The citizens group made waves at November's NDP convention &#151; even if its resolution to remake that party was defeated. For a glimpse at the gro
Democracy Watch January 23
Federal Ethics Counsellor Howard Wilson addresses delegates to the Access Government 2002 conference in Ottawa today. His audience: lobbyists who could afford conference fees ranging from $1,595 to $
in cahoots January 22
Within three years, $1.9-billion will be carved from British Columbia's public sector &#151; eroding vital programs and cutting almost a third of its workforce. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alterna
B.C. Teachers' Federation January 22
B.C. Teachers' Federation
British Columbia's teachers tabled a new proposal today aimed at settling their contract dispute with the B.C. Public School Employers' Association. The major concessions come in the shadow of Premie
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation January 22
Forty Ontario special needs students haven't been to school since November 5. They're waiting on a dispute between the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board and around 200 striking support staff &#
Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter January 21
A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruling contests the right to women-only space. That's the view of the rape crisis centre on the losing end of last Friday's decision. Vancouver Rape Relief must pay Kimbe
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 18
It's an old political game: Prepare people to expect the worst ... then deliver something a little better than the worst &#151; and people are relieved. Well, an old politician (Don Mazankowski) and
B.C. Teachers' Federation January 18
B.C. Teachers' Federation
The B.C. Teachers' Federation is "appalled" by massive cuts announced yesterday by Premier Gordon Campbell. The cuts will have devastating impacts on communities, seniors, children and families. "It'
in cahoots January 17
Big Tobacco is breathing easy. Health advocates are fuming. The B.C. Liberals announced new regulations today governing workplace smoking. The regulations veto new rules developed last year by B.C.'s