Amnesty International March 8
Amnesty International
Eren Keskin picked up her phone one day and heard a voice say, "We are measuring your coffin." She's one of many human rights defenders who rely on groups like Amnesty International to protect their
CAW March 8
Big losses, big bankruptcies: last year was deadly for Canada's airline industry. Thankfully, hope glimmers on the horizon as post-9/11 passenger traffic recovers. But Buzz Hargrove worries that the
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 8
Canada's largest union is nominating the federal government for a Code of Silence Award for its role in maintaining the secrecy of NAFTA Chapter 11 tribunals. The prize, to be awarded by the Canadian
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 8
Leaked government briefs reveal that British Columbia is eyeing massive health service privatization over the coming three years. Public sector unions are still investigating the briefs' reliability
She is Still Burning March 8
Scientists say the colour of space is actually turquoise. On September 11, cut off from the news, an artist is suddenly compelled to paint a fiery orange sky. Reflecting on Bush's "axis of evil" spee
National Union of Public and General Employees March 7
National Union of Public and General Employees
British Columbia may be planning massive health service privatization over the next three years, cutting up to 28,000 unionized workers, and delaying as many as 10,000 surgical procedures. Source: co
in cahoots March 6
September 11: a moment, for some, when "evil" bored through borders believed impervious. That instant has spawned much rethinking of borders. What's inside? What's outside? What's at stake?
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 5
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Remember that classic 1980s TV ad: an older woman peers under the bun, expecting to see a big juicy burger ... but finds an emaciated patty. Her cry echoed out across North America: "Where's the beef
National Union of Public and General Employees March 4
National Union of Public and General Employees
Today, the national debate on health care's future enters a critical phase. The Romanow Commission holds its first public consultation all day in Regina, where Canadian medicare was conceived. The 18
March 4
Three more Canadian groups have become <i>in cahoots</i> partners in recent weeks. Their contributions help sustain this rabble-rousing online magazine. We'd like you to meet them.
Sierra Club of Canada March 2
Weedy lawns don't cause cancer. Pesticides and weedkillers might. With spring approaching, some Canadian cities are pondering new restrictions on pesticides. Can there be an excuse for inaction?
Council of Canadians March 1
We are programming public medicare to fail. That diagnosis comes today in a report from the Council of Canadians. Its healing prescription includes evolving the "doctor/hospital system" into a commun
Canadian Union of Public Employees February 28
Public-private partnerships, we hear, promise a renewed future for public services. But "P3s" often prove less than productive. New case: Nova Scotia's Auditor General charges that structuring a new
Amnesty International February 27
Amnesty International
Several Canadian MPs have been "twinned" with counterparts in Zimbabwe's parliament. Members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change are suffering serious abuse in the run-up to Zimbabwe's M
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 27
Canadians need reliable weather information &#151; to plan work, to schedule travel, to gauge trends. That need grows as climate patterns morph in the crucible of global warming. Unfortunately, the f
Alternatives February 26
Molotov cocktails and black-clad nouveaux terroristes &#151; a bloody line of mayhem stretching back to Seattle-99 and heading right at us. It's the figure of activism made real on the pages and scre
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 26
Customer service workers at Canada Post have voted to accept a new contact negotiated on January 23. Seven days earlier, they had shown their resolve by starting a series of rotating strikes. The 2,8
working TV February 25
working TV
Tens of thousands of British Columbians staged boisterous rallies throughout the province on Saturday. They chanted and marched against the government's campaign to transfigure the province through m
National Union of Public and General Employees February 25
National Union of Public and General Employees
Will Saskatchewan's NDP government mime hard-right leaders in B.C., Alberta and Ontario? Facing flagging revenues, Finance Minister Eric Cline is poised to continue cutting taxes. Labour leaders say
Sierra Club of Canada February 22
Environmental groups are challenging the Prime Minister to declare a free vote on the Species at Risk Act. This week, the government advanced amendments to roll back the most significant changes to t
International Fund for Animal Welfare February 22
Canada's Supreme Court has re-affirmed the federal government's authority to ban the sale of newborn hooded seal pelts. The decision overturns a Newfoundland Court of Appeal ruling in favour of 101 s
B.C. Teachers' Federation February 21
B.C. Teachers' Federation
Following a decision to impose a contract on teachers, British Columbians are rejecting government claims about "putting students first." A new poll shows that just 26 per cent of residents believe P
Citizens for Public Justice February 21
Citizens for Public Justice
One in five Canadian children lives in poverty. That's a 50 per cent increase since 1989, when Parliament resolved to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000. Canada's ecumenical community revives a
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives February 20
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
British Columbia's government calls it "tough medicine" for the economy. Critics say it's a poison pill. Yesterday's provincial budget locks in mammoth tax and spending cuts that were announced earli
Amnesty International February 20
Amnesty International
The withdrawal of the European Union's election observers deepens concerns that human rights violations orchestrated by Zimbabwe's ruling party could escalate as the presidential vote draws near.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives February 19
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Thumbing through Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act, John W. Warnock makes a startling discovery. Many of his ancestors, once considered social justice crusaders, were actually full-blown "terrorists." Warn
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation February 19
They need special qualifications to work with blind, deaf and incarcerated students across Ontario. But 250-plus Provincial Schools Authority professionals remain Ontario's lowest-paid teachers &#151
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 19
This month, 4,600 Parks Canada Agency workers may give their union a strike mandate. In negotiations that started last September, Parks has already offered raises on par with recent public service de
The Toronto Star February 19
Have we witnessed the dismantling of a great nation? Is there anything left to save? Staring into the vortex of political leadership, Charles Pascal distils his dark question into a pop quiz for poli
Socialist Worker February 19
Bye bye, Preston Manning. Fresh calls for a general strike in British Columbia. Perspectives on this month's WSF and WEF extravaganzas. Unmasking Canada's commandos in Afghanistan. This and more in i