CoolWomen December 6
Regular contributors to reflect on the legacy of the Montreal Massacre that took the lives of fourteen women. Throughout the year, publishes profiles of "cool women" who h
CUPW message December 6
Canada's postal workers are marking this December 6 by affirming that war is a form of violence against women. Many women died on September 11. More are dying in the war in Afghanistan. We can open o
PSAC action call December 6
In Canada, 100 women are murdered each year by current or past partners. A woman is raped every 17 minutes. More than 80 per cent of women in the labour force have experienced sexual harassment at wo
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives December 5
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Hungry for a boom, BC's Liberals may soon lift a 30-year-old moratorium on offshore oil development. Hurting coastal communities may just accept the environmental risks. But the Canadian Centre Polic
Amnesty International December 5
Amnesty International
The Fourth Geneva Convention — on protecting wartime civilians — does apply to the Israeli Occupied Territories. That principle may be affirmed today when the Convention's signatories meet
Alternatives December 4
As the world's gaze fixes on Afghanistan, an equally ferocious war intensifies in Africa. It's an anonymous war, one that's not unfolding spectacularly in your living room. But every day, more than 1
December 3
A recessionary storm blows in, bringing torrents of layoffs to a land stripped of social supports. Faceless men in suits hope you'll believe the storm came from elsewhere — an event, dark bearde
Democracy Watch press release December 3
Bell Canada Enterprises invited Jean Chretien to join an autumn golf tournament with top pro Tiger Woods. Last month, federal Ethics Counsellor Howard Wilson ruled that the gift didn't place the PM i
IFAW Press Release December 1
A police detective, a Crown prosecutor and two animal welfare groups held a news conference this week to support federal animal cruelty legislation. "Canadians are sickened by incident after incident
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 30
Security at Canada's airports has tightened since September 11. But it's not yet sufficient to contain the threat of terrorism. That's what 11,500 flight attendants are saying. Their union insists th
Council of Canadians press release November 28
Finally, the federal government has issued an action plan in response to the Royal Society of Canada's (RSC) expert panel report on genetically engineered (GE) foods. It promises little concrete acti
PSAC press release November 27
With the holiday mail rush looming, the votes are in. Three thousand Canada Post workers have given their bargaining team a strike mandate. The customer service, administrative and technical workers
NPI press release November 26
The flagging federal New Democratic Party (NDP) has opted to renew itself from within. Delegates to the NDP's national convention voted 684-401 against a controversial resolution advanced by the New
Sierra Club of Canada press release November 24
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is charged with crafting policy to protect our nuclear facilities from terrorist assault. A Sierra Club policy advisor summarizes the Commission's preparations
NPI press release November 22
This weekend could be a milestone for the federal New Democratic Party (NDP). After limping through the last election, the NDP must rebuild itself by renewing alliances with Canada's thriving social
OSSTF Press Release November 21
Panicked by the prospect of a deficit, Ontario's Tories may cut spending by $5-billion next year. Taking a page from BC, they're weighing a plan to command ministries to slash budgets by 5 per cent.
November 20
As we dip into recession, few doubt that poorer Canadians will be hardest hit. Popular wisdom also holds that restoring growth will renew everyone's standard of living. That wisdom is used to justify
CUPW Health & Safety Site November 20
Anthrax-contaminated mail has killed at least three Americans, infecting a dozen more. And though we've had no confirmed cases in Canada, we're seeing our mailboxes differently these days. A brand-ne
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 19
Canada's largest union launches its week-long national convention today in Vancouver. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) represents a half-million public sector workers. And coming days af
PSAC press release November 19
With the holiday mail rush looming, 3000 Canada Post workers begin voting today to authorize strike action. The customer service, administrative and technical workers are organized with the Public Se
Council of Canadians press release November 18
It happened during the all-nighter closing out the WTO talks in Qatar. A wee clause about barriers to "environmental services" slipped into the Ministerial Declaration. Canadian groups say it opens a
November 16
Amid reports of Taliban retreat, attention turns to "rebuilding" Afghanistan. The enormity of that project is obscured by talk of expunging "evil-doers." Amnesty International says a human rights age
what's up listing November 14
As G20 Finance Ministers meet in Ottawa, groups across Canada will be calling for military withdrawal from Afghanistan — and a reassessment of trade agreements based on peace and development pri
what's up listing November 14
WTO talks in Qatar are running into overtime. The Council of Canadians' Maude Barlow is there. You may already be following her daily audio reports online. If you're in Toronto, you can meet her on T
Sierra Club of Canada press release November 13
Canada's nuclear industry has a growing problem. They'd like to bury it deep in the Canadian Shield. Non-industry experts say the out-of-my-sight approach to nuclear waste could threaten life for mil
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 13
Canada 3000 is crashing. Creditors are poised to seize the bankrupt airline's assets. And the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has two messages. First: don't blame the union, which is offeri
in cahoots feature November 11
Trade ministers from 142 countries are in Qatar for the WTO's fourth Ministerial meeting. The result could be a new round of global trade negotiations — something the WTO failed to catalyze in S
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 9
Canada's "second" airline suspended operations today, hours after winning bankruptcy protection. On Wednesday, Canada 3000 was denied federal approval to sever its Royal wing, a prelude to dumping al
November 7
Calls to disclaim America's New War, archaeologies of its roots, strategies for building the New Left ... You'll find this and more in the October/November issue of New Socialist.
IFAW Press Release November 6
No, not Dalmatians. 101 sealers were charged in 1996 with illegally selling the pelts of young hooded and harp seals. Last week, their case went all the way to Canada's Supreme Court. The sealers are