OSSTF Press Release October 22
How hard has education been hit in Ontario? Teachers are shaking their heads after the Bluewater District School Board asked schools to help out with fundraising. "While public school students sell c
Common Front on the WTO October 19
When world leaders huddle in Qatar this November at the WTO Ministerial Conference, they could spawn a new round of negotiations to liberalize trade. And once again, the Common Front on the WTO will
October 18
In British Columbia's first-ever province-wide strike vote, 91.4 per cent of teachers have said "yes." That doesn't mean a strike is inevitable. It does mean the teachers have given themselves a new
Council of Canadians press release October 18
Parliament yesterday killed legislation to enforce labelling for all genetically engineered (GE) foods. The large-scale farming industry favours GE products, but their environmental and health effect
Citizens for Public Justice: <I>Catalyst</I> article October 18
"Canada is a wonderful country. Our international image of being compassionate and humanitarian is well known. For a couple of years we even made it to the top of the United Nations' list of the best
Amnesty International October 17
Amnesty International
Since the 1980s, many countries have funnelled weapons and expertise to factions within Afghanistan. That flow is growing with the American campaign against the ruling Taliban. Pakistani and Saudi so
CUPW Bulletin October 15
Canada's Post's courier service is changing. According to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), postal outlets were to begin offering Purolator's service as early as last week. The repositioni
October 11
Without tax and spending cuts, BC's budget may have been balanced this year. But shortly after taking office, BC's Liberals consummated an election promise - delivering thundering tax cuts of $2.1 bi
Public Service Alliance of Canada response October 9
An exhibit featuring thirty Arab-Canadian artists was set to debut this month at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. After the September 11 attacks, however, the Museum postponed the exhibit - indef
press release October 9
Thirty high-profile groups have formed a national coalition to oppose Canada's participation in military retaliation and to confront racism festering since the September 11 terrorist strikes on the U
October 5
Today is World Teachers' Day. It's also the last working day before British Columbia's teachers vote on whether to strike. It will be the first province-wide strike vote on a bargaining dispute in th
October 4
Thousands died when hijacked jetliners levelled the World Trade Center and punched holes in the Pentagon - and the airline industry. Now thousands of Air Canada workers are about to lose their jobs.
October 4
Dr. Sunera Thobani has faced storming derision since addressing a Women's Resistance conference on Monday in Ottawa. Opposing militaristic responses to the September 11 crisis, Dr. Thobani denounced
what's up listing October 3
World leaders will huddle in Qatar this November 9-13 for the first World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference since the 1999 Seattle flop. Once again, this meeting could spawn a new round of ne
October 2
Four more Canadian groups became <i>in cahoots</i> partners this September. By contributing to <i>rabble</i>, they help to sustain this rabble-rousing online magazine. We'd like you to meet them.
Sierra Club of Canada press release October 2
After a hearing tomorrow, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission may permit Ontario Power Generation to restart four reactors at the Pickering "A" station near Toronto. The plant closed in December 1
what's up listing September 28
Disheartening numbers of women live within cycles of victimization and criminalization. Victims of violence can be re-victimized by a criminal justice system that's mandated to protect them. And crim
September 27
By signing the 1988 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada pledged action to protect specific rights that every child should enjoy. Sadly, since then, child poverty has risen by 40 per cent
IFAW Website September 27
It's a reality eclipsed by the enormity of human suffering. But what about all the pets lost in the evacuated sections of Manhattan since September 11? The area is a crime scene, so animal protection
NPI Newsletter #2 September 26
There's new energy building on Canada's Left, but it's mostly happening outside the New Democratic Party. So the party's renewal committee recently affirmed that <i>outreach</i> is the key to rebuild
Amnesty International September 25
Amnesty International
As the U.S. weighs options in its "new war," a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Afghanistan. Fearing U.S. military strikes, hundreds of thousands of Afghans are heading for the border. But doors i
Maude Barlow's letter September 21
Grieving. Gripped with fear. So many of us. Maude Barlow sends us this impassioned letter. Four calls from the Council of Canadians chair ... First: resist the racist backlash rising in our midst. Se
Canadian Union of Public Employees September 18
A Senate committee examining Canadian health care appears set to push privatization. The committee is mandated to impartially examine "issues and options." But the Canadian Union of Public Employees
Council of Canadians press release September 17
In a letter to the U.S. Ambassador in Ottawa, Maude Barlow expressed grief for victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy. The Council of Canadians chair also challenged the U.S. to deny the terrorists their go
Amnesty International September 17
Amnesty International
While mourning the victims of last week's attacks in the U.S., Amnesty International warns that "international solidarity with the victims is not about seeking revenge but about cooperating within th
September 12
The head of Canada's largest union expressed grief after terrorist attacks killed thousands in New York and Washington. "We cannot begin to understand what has happened today in the United States," s
September 12
The President of the Canadian Auto Workers has expressed shock at yesterday's terrorist attacks on the U.S. Buzz Hargrove also called on CAW members to donate blood to help victims in New York and Wa
September 12
Amnesty International was quick to condemn yesterday's terrorist attacks on the U.S. as "the gravest abuses of fundamental human rights and basic principles of humanity." The world's leading defender
September 11
87,000 federal public servants have suspended all strike activity for the rest of the week, after today's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. With security heightened at government offices,
September 10
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