Alberta Union of Provincial Employees November 12
Employers are begging workers to cross COVID-19 lines and risk spreading virus.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions November 10
If Alberta's United Conservative Party wants to improve the province's health care, they couldn't be taking a more wrong-headed approach.
Inter Pares November 10
The pandemic has revealed deep inequalities in our societies and the vulnerabilities of a globalized and heavily concentrated food system that needs to change.
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 5
The partner of jailed CUPE 4600 member Cihan Erdal says solidarity, and sustained public attention and support, is what will bring him safely home from Turkey.
United Food and Commercial Workers November 5
Held online in early October, this year's congress featured a special session on the coronavirus pandemic and occupational health and safety.
Mining Watch November 3
The Quebec government is spending $90M over the next five years to develop minerals used in technology for electric vehicles, among other things.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions November 3
On the eve of the United States' election, the leader of Canada's nurses is sending strength and solidarity to health care workers and racialized communities south of the border.
Liisbeth October 29
How a digital content company is off-lining patriarchy.
Harrowsmith October 29
Gardening is an exercise of continuous investment: plant now, enjoy later.
United Steelworkers October 27
The USW are launching their new union-wide campaign to better take on women's health and safety concerns and amplify women's voices in the workplace.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada October 27
The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada have updated its resources for abortion rights and health care during the pandemic.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation October 22
This year's theme, Rising Up, is a call for government action on expanding public and not-for-profit child care facilities, and supporting decent work with better wages and better working conditions.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 22
PSAC welcomes the Supreme Court of Canada's recent decision in the Fraser case, which reaffirms the obligation of employers to treat women equally and without discrimination.
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 20
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness strongly supports the progressive tax measures proposed by the federal NDP to raise revenues and prevent pandemic profiteering.
Canadian Union of Public Employees October 20
CUPE stands in solidarity with the Mi'kmaq fishers who are doing nothing more than exercising their constitutionally protected right to earn a moderate livelihood from lobster fishing.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 16
Creating a public, non-profit long-term care system in Ontario is the only way forward to protect seniors and prevent further tragedies in the province's nursing homes during the pandemic.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees October 16
AUPE president Guy Smith issues a statement in response to Kenney's staff cuts.
Harrowsmith October 14
Migrating trees? You bet. Vanessa Farnsworth explores.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers October 14
CUPW is proud to share its latest documentary, "Justice and Dignity for All: Stories from the Struggle for Pay Equity."
United Food and Commercial Workers October 8
In support of World Mental Health Day 2020, UFCW Canada has launched a new mental health resources webpage featuring tools that can help with addressing mental health issues at work.
Mining Watch October 8
The Responsible Mineral Index 2020 concludes that "even the best mining companies" still fail to meet society's expectations to protect human rights and the environment.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario October 6
Ontario's four major education unions are deeply concerned by the decision of the chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board to dismiss health and safety case on the reopening of schools.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions October 6
The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is pleased to learn that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of nurse Carolyn Strom.
Hospital Employees' Union October 1
Premier John Horgan says a re-elected NDP government will continue to top up wages for seniors' care workers even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
United Steelworkers October 1
To mark October 4, tell a politician that we need action on the 231 calls for justice.
Canadians for Tax Fairness September 30
Canadians for Tax Fairness
The Trudeau government's throne Speech included a number of commitments to tax fairness that are encouraging.
Canadian Union of Public Employees September 30
CUPE national president Mark Hancock and national secretary-treasurer Charles Fleury are calling for the release of Cihan Erdal, a queer youth activist, PhD student and member of CUPE.
United Food and Commercial Workers September 24
UFCW Local 1006A is proud to welcome workers from the Park Lawn Preschool -- Humber Bay Child Care Centre to the union.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada September 24
Access to contraception is a human right. Universal coverage for contraception empowers people, improves health outcomes, and leads to significant cost savings.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario September 22
The Ford government's return to school plan is unravelling because it refuses to fund smaller class sizes to keep students and educators safe.