Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada September 24
Access to contraception is a human right. Universal coverage for contraception empowers people, improves health outcomes, and leads to significant cost savings.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario September 22
The Ford government's return to school plan is unravelling because it refuses to fund smaller class sizes to keep students and educators safe.
Public Service Alliance of Canada September 22
To ensure the country is recovering from the pandemic, families need access to publicly funded, affordable, high-quality, and inclusive child care.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers September 17
As postal workers, even prior to COVID-19, we identified how integral CUPW and Canada Post can be to this needed change through delivering community power.
Inter Pares September 17
As Burma's first Indigenous protected and conserved area, the Salween Peace Park is a vibrant example of grassroots self-determination.
Mining Watch September 15
The Ejido of Carrizalillo shut down the Los Filos gold mine in Guerrero, Mexico for the second time in two weeks.
Canadians for Tax Fairness September 15
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness joins other international tax justice groups in calling for progressive tax reform to combat the effects of COVID-19 and rebuild a more equitable future.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions September 11
The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is calling B.C's Supreme Court ruling in the controversial Cambie case a historic win for Canada's public health care system.
Canadian Union of Public Employees September 8
Nineteen child-care workers at Eagle Ridge Nest Child Care Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta, have joined CUPE after a certification vote held August 20, 2020.
Hospital Employees' Union September 8
We stand steadfast in our human rights advocacy work, and are committed to looking inwardly at our own structures and policies. This work is more important than ever.
United Food and Commercial Workers September 3
Here in Canada, UFCW members in all industries have shown tremendous courage and resilience by quickly adapting to the new realities of COVID-19.
Harrowsmith September 3
Experimenting with gardening.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees September 1
Using public dollars to subsidize private seniors care is a bad investment, warns the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation September 1
Ontario's four major teacher and education worker unions say they have been left with no choice but to file formal appeals with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
Mining Watch August 27
Many organizations from Ecuador released a public statement regarding a letter sent by Canadian company INV Metals to the Cantonal Council of the municipality of Cuenca.
United Steelworkers August 27
This report brings a worker-centric approach to workers' compensation in British Columbia.
Unifor August 25
Atlantic regional director Linda MacNeil emphasized the strong work being done by many locals to protect the health and safety of their members.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 25
Foodora couriers across the country will receive a $3.46-million settlement after the company filed for bankruptcy and shut down its Canadian operations in April of this year.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada August 20
The Conservative party's future viability may depend on whether it can leave the abortion issue behind.
Public Service Alliance of Canada August 20
The Public Service Alliance of Canada is the first union to legally challenge the fundamentally discriminatory sections of Quebec's Professional Syndicates Act.
Inter Pares August 20
The Canadian Network for Corporate Accountability summarizes why the current ombudsperson's office is unfit for purpose, and what changes it would require to do its job effectively.
Canadian Union of Public Employees August 18
The largest union representing workers at the Pacific National Exhibition says long-term survival of the exhibition -- and the jobs of over 4,200 people -- are at risk.
Hospital Employees' Union August 18
Contracted support services workers gear up for fall bargaining.
United Food and Commercial Workers August 13
A new UFCW report has called for urgent changes to protect the health, safety, and rights of tens of thousands of migrant agricultural workers who are essential to Canada's food supply.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association August 13
Ontario's return to school plan fails to meet legal health and safety requirements say Ontario's four major education unions.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario August 11
Premier Doug Ford and his education minister are misleading the public into thinking that the issue of class size in public elementary schools has been addressed.
Canadian Health Coalition August 11
Canadians are counting on this government to implement universal, public pharmacare.
Canadian Union of Public Employees August 6
In a major win for public ownership of local water resources, the Township of Mapleton has decided to terminate the public-private partnership.
Mining Watch August 6
In the heated standoff in a time of emergency declared in relation to COVID-19 pandemic, there has so far been zero reaction from the Armenian executive officials and elected representatives.
Harrowsmith August 4
Introducing a few of the earth's movers and shakers.