Mining Watch March 3
Civil society groups from North and South America today launched an online map illustrating the harm done to communities at the sites of eight massive mines.
Unifor February 27
Unifor members joined thousands of workers from across Ontario in Niagara Falls to protest the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party policy conference.
Harrowsmith February 27
Get into the wild with these nature-themed home accessories that are sure to make you feel at home.
Canadian Union of Public Employees February 27
CUPE was thrilled to see the NDP introduce legislation to finally bring in universal, public, single-payer pharmacare.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers February 25
The Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled that couriers working for Foodora are dependent contractors which means they have the legal right to organize and certify a union.
Inter Pares February 25
Do you know a youth-led organization carrying out inspiring social justice work in Canada? Or an organization in Canada that is engaging and supporting youth activism?
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions February 25
The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is applauding the NDP for today's announcement that they will introduce a bill to implement pharmacare across Canada.
United Steelworkers February 20
On the first anniversary of a mining disaster in Brazil which killed 250 workers, the United Steelworkers union continues its call to stop the killing and ensure proper enforcement of the law.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers February 20
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers commend the land defenders in Wet'suwet'en territory for their brave and noble stand against greed and destruction.
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 18
The bargaining team was very surprised -- to say the least -- to see CRA's email to all staff regarding current negotiations.
Canadian Health Coalition February 18
The joint Pharmacare Now Statement calls on all parties to work together to implement universal, public pharmacare within this government's mandate.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association February 13
Elementary and secondary teachers and education workers will stand up to the Ford government's education cuts by participating in a one-day walkout across the province.
Unifor February 13
Unifor women's department director Lisa Kelly gave a presentation to Brazil’s federal and regional Labour Courts about paid domestic violence leave and the women's advocate program.
Hospital Employees' Union February 11
The Hospital Employees' Union is committed to human rights and to the social justice principles contained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees February 11
Rural communities to be hit hard by health-care privatization plan.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation February 6
Join over 90,000 Ontarians who have already taken action and done their part to protect Ontario's education system.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario February 6
Elementary educators continued strike actions as part of a one-day rotating withdrawal of services.
Inter Pares February 4
The work of each organization within Building Momentum is designed to defend the physical autonomy of women and particularly adolescent girls.
Mining Watch February 4
A request for the company to support the restoration of electricity to homes of the Karonsi’e Dongi people in Bumper, East Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 30
CUPE members and staff at the union’s Winter School being held in Moose Jaw this week are wearing green squares in solidarity against Islamophobia.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers January 30
February is a time to raise awareness of the Black History in our country and around the world that has been historically overlooked, minimized, ignored, or erased.
Harrowsmith January 28
To leave an era is to experience nostalgia, perhaps even regret. To leave a physical place of heart can be gut wrenching.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions January 28
With one confirmed and one presumptive case of the new coronavirus in Canada, CFNU is expressing concern about uneven preparations for a potential pandemic at health care facilities in the country.
Unifor January 23
Unifor urges City of Toronto to improve transit and save jobs in Thunder Bay.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association January 23
OECTA released a social media guide for teachers.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario January 21
The intransigence of the Ford government and Education Minister Lecce to return to the bargaining table has pushed ETFO to commence rotating strikes.
United Steelworkers January 21
A new report released in December showed that Ontario’s personal support workers are suffering from a chronically underfunded long-term care system.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees January 16
This award is given to one or more AUPE members in recognition of their dedication to occupational health and safety and in honour of Rolyn and all workers who are injured or killed at work.
Mining Watch January 16
Banro Corporation serves as a case study for the need to find solutions to protect not only diverse and sensitive eco-systems, but also the lives, dignity, and human rights of people.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada January 14
This timeline tallies pro-choice victories in the year 2019. It includes political and social successes, favourable court rulings and Ad Standards decisions, and anti-choice losses.