Inter Pares April 16
Inter Pares is dismayed by the recent announcement made by the Government of Canada concerning investigatory oversight of Canadian corporations overseas.
Unifor April 16
The Unifor Social Justice Fund (SJF) is working to improve the lives of children with its support of Transforming Faces and Beautiful World initiatives in Ethiopia.
Canadians for Tax Fairness April 16
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Just four of the worst tax loopholes are costing Canada over $24 billion in annual revenues.
Harrowsmith April 11
Danielle’s kitchen garden workshop is being held April 20th. For information visit
Canadian Union of Postal Workers April 11
The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, is dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives or suffered injury or illness on the job.
Canadian Union of Public Employees April 11
30 years ago, 80% of the funding for post secondary education came from governments. Today, after years of cuts, it's down to 50%. We need governments to reinvest in post secondary education.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation April 9
Teachers and education workers in Ontario have formed a common front to defend a strong publicly funded education system that is of high-quality and accessible to all.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees April 9
Alberta’s provincial election has been called, how are we supposed to find time to keep up with everything that’s happening? Here are three simple things you can do to make voting easy.
Ontario Health Coalition April 9
Ontario Health Coalition
The Coalitions are gearing up to protect local health care services from loss of control of local services, mega-mergers, and privatization.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions April 4
Canada’s nurses united with health care workers across the country as they recognized a national day of action for stronger gun laws in Canada.
Fair Vote Canada April 4
Fair Vote Canada
“If we had proportional representation, scandals involving interference by the Prime Minister’s office in a prosecution probably wouldn’t have happened in the first place,“ says Fair Vote Canada.
United Steelworkers April 4
Focusing on the symptom fails to identify the culprit. It fails to identify why Canadian workers and families are struggling economically, even when the economy is actually growing.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada April 3
If you see an anti-choice ad that you feel is inappropriate, offensive, inaccurate, etc., you can submit a complaint to the advertising watchdog Ad Standards.
Public Service Alliance of Canada April 3
While there are some initiatives to be applauded, so much more could have, and should have been done.
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 April 3
Local 401 wins Sofina Foods union member significant monetary award after two-year WCB battle.
Harrowsmith March 28
This video is a short interview with Paul Noble an organic dairy farmer, near Arthur Ontario.
Toronto & York Region Labour Council March 28
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
The Ford government has taken Bill 66 into 3rd reading in the legislature as a reward to non-union contractor lobbyists who have been trying for years to undermine union standards.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees March 28
NDP leader Rachel Notley announced that if elected her government would create 2,000 long-term care beds throughout the province.
Socialist Worker March 26
This is an important victory in the fight against the forces of hate and the far right because a broad, diverse group of counter-protesters completely shut down islamophobic group, PEGIDA.
United Food and Commercial Workers March 26
UFCW activists joined migrant workers, community organizations, and concerned citizens to rally for migrant justice and denounce racism and xenophobia.
Food Secure Canada March 26
Food Secure Canada, and especially the Coalition for Healthy School Food, have important wins to celebrate in the 2019 federal budget announced March 19th.
National Union of Public and General Employees March 21
National Union of Public and General Employees
Most of the measures in the budget provide limited support to those facing the most difficulty, rather than solving their problems.
Hospital Employees' Union March 21
As a progressive union dedicated to social justice and advancing labour and human rights on a local and global level, HEU supports organizations working to break barriers and eliminate discrimination.
Canadian Health Coalition March 21
The CHC is encouraged that Budget 2019 includes some initial investments in the foundations of a new national pharmacare program.
Ontario Health Coalition March 19
Ontario Health Coalition
The OHC expressed outrage at the process by which the Ford government is rushing their new sweeping health care restructuring legislation through and is demanding public hearings across Ontario.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association March 19
The intention to increase class sizes will lead to massive job losses and have a devastating impact on student learning and well-being.
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 19
CUPE says the Liberal government’s final budget before the October election fails to give Canadians help when they need it most.
Upstream March 14
Understanding the bell curve is important for the work of public health.
Inter Pares March 14
Once a year, COFAMIDE coordinates a caravan of mothers who travel through Central America and Mexico to investigate the whereabouts of missing migrants and to raise their profile.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario March 14
Instead of addressing the crisis it has created for Ontario children with autism, the Ford government is downloading its obligation to support these students onto public schools.