Activist Communique: Stop Financing Destruction – Solidarity with the Unist’ot’en’ Action Camp

The Deets:

8:30 am

Thursday March 28, 2013

RBC head office, Front and Bay Street

Toronto, ON

The Call Out:

Financial Walk of Shame

Action Alert: Thursday March 28, 2013, 8:30AM RBC headquarters

Stop Financing Destruction: Rising Tide Toronto answers the Unist’ot’en’s call for solidarity actions against Chevron and those that finance their fracking projects.

Friends and Allies –

The last time a call out from the Unist’ot’en action camp was circulated, 19 cities across Canada and the U.S took action that resulted in the divestment of EOG and Encana from the Pacific Trail Pipeline project, a destructive pipeline attempting to span 500 kilometers of unceded indigenous territory to carry fracked gas to the coast, and export climate change to the world.

American oil giant Chevron is the new corporate face of the Pacific Trail Pipeline, having recently become 50/50 partners with Apache. Everywhere they operate, Chevron exploits land and people for money, often through the use of force and without taking responsibility for the consequences.

The Unist’ot’en say NO. We say NO. We do not need fracked gas, we do not want another pipeline and we will not stand by as colonial governments and greedy corporations push us over the climate catastrophe cliff edge. We will amplify resistance by uniting our struggles against environmental racism, illegal oil wars, and attacks against migrant workers and indigenous sovereignty.

On Thursday March 28th we will take to the streets in the heart of Toronto’s financial district and deliver messages to the top investors of Chevron, in solidarity with worldwide actions taking place on Saturday March 30th. As politicians and industry put economic growth ahead of common sense and indigenous rights, it is up to us to take direct action to raise the cost of pushing ahead with the project, and raise the stakes in the PR battle.

The Pacific Trail pipeline can still be stopped. There is a huge groundswell of public opinion against BC’s carbon corridor, the Unis’tot’en are mounting a determined resistance against incursions onto their territory, and a space is being carved out where we can change the course of Canada’s energy future. We know that dismantling the fossil fuel empire is a colossal task, but every action we do takes its toll. Chevron, this is just the start… your time has come, your days are numbered!

No consent? No fracking pipelines, no climate crimes!

See you in the streets!

8:30am: Gathering in front of RBC

9:00am The Financial Walk of Shame. Like a bad reality t.v show, come see the worst of the worst.

email us at [email protected]

Find more information and resources, about the 30th, spread the word, share action pics and reports and find out what others are planning online at:

Twitter: #nopipelines


We resist because…
We stand with frontline communities

Frontline indigenous communities have repeatedly said NO to the Pacific Trail Pipeline and affirmed that free, prior, and informed consent must be respected by both colonial governments and corporations. No consent has been given. Industry surveyors have been evicted by the Unis’tot’en and other clans of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Industry equipment has been seized and roadblocks have been set up against all further pipeline activity. On March 28th, let us stand with the people whose lives will be most affected by the pipeline project.

For more on the Unist’ot’en camp, including news releases and videos from latest events, visit http://unistotencamp.wordpress.com/ and to watch a short video explaining the community’s struggle, check out Stop the Flow – http://stoptheflows.tumblr.com/

Chevron has it coming

Chevron has an atrocious history of oil spills, gas explosions, toxic dumping, deforestation, water pollution, activist shootings, tax evasion and climate change denial. From the U.S. to Nigeria, Australia to Angola, Brazil to Bangladesh, Chevron brings death and destruction. In Ecuador in 2009, after 8 years in court, Chevron was ordered to pay $8.6 billion in damages for 20 years of toxic dumping; three years later, Chevron still refuses to pay. In Richmond, California, Chevron’s pollution is causing cancer and respiratory illnesses. In the Niger Delta, activists resisting Chevron’s unjust and unsafe production methods have been shot dead by local authorities (using Chevron helicopters). And the National Petroleum Agency of Brazil has actually banned Chevron from the country for its failure to take responsibility for the Rio De Janeiro oil spill. We are joining the global fight to put a stop to Chevron’s environmental and social crimes.

Frack off!

Northwest BC’s shale gas fields are shaping up to be a major front line in the global battles against unconventional energy and the environmental nightmare that is fracked gas. Fracking causes methane leaks, ground water contamination, hydrogen sulphide leakage and earthquake risks – not to mention the CO2 release when the gas is finally burnt. This exploitation of ever more difficult, expensive and harmful fossil fuel sources demonstrates the true greed, and desperation, of the present global economic system. We have a very simple message – we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Fracking backgrounder: http://calamites.resist.ca/?p=329

This call-out was initiated by Rising Tide Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories and has been adapted by Rising Tide Toronto. The original callout was endorsed by:

Art Not Oil – UK
Lhe Lin Liyin (Wet’suwet’en Guardian Society)
Likhts’amisyu (Fireweed Clan)
Marea Creciente México ~ Rising Tide México
Rising Tide Vancouver Coast Salish Territories
Unist’ot’en (People of the Headwaters)


Krystalline Kraus

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