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The Chiefs of the First Nations in Manitoba invite all Canadians and non-­‐ governmental organizations (NGOs) to join First Nations in requesting the immediate repeal of Bills C-­‐38 and of C-­‐45 as well as the repeal of any existing or proposed legislation that impact waters, fisheries and the environment.

The widespread changes to Canada’s legislative framework brought about by these two “omnibus” bills affects all Canadians, not just First Nations. These bills, which are now law, modify over 160 laws and regulations in numerous areas and weaken the legislative protections hard-­‐won by all segments of the Canadian population over the last several decades.

These Bills profoundly scale back the legal protection of the water and of nature leaving almost no protection in many environmental areas. These changes are intended by the Conservative government to open the door for foreign-­‐owned corporations to develop the waters, minerals and natural resources within the ancestral lands of First Nations and Canadian territory.

MKO Grand Chief David Harper said, “pushing through the ‘omnibus’ Bill C-­‐38 and Bill C-­‐45 is part of the Conservative government’s strategy to attack the very roots of Canada’s democratic political culture without consulting with First Nations or Canadians. Prime Minister Harper is systematically stripping away the vital legislative ‘tools’ that have been used by First Nations and Canadians to protect the waters, fish and the environment for our children and for the children yet unborn.”

All of our children and future generations have the right to live in a clean environment and to have access to clean water as well as clean air. The Harper government says Bills C-­‐38 & C-­‐45 “is the master plan of the coming generations of Canadians”. This Harper government needs to recognize that the opposition Members of Parliament were united in voicing their strong opposition to the adoption of Bills C-­‐38 and C-­‐45 in June, 2012 and again in December 2012. The Conservative government refused to even consider the amendments proposed by the Members of Parliament. It is anti-­‐democratic and irresponsible to ignore the representatives of the people on legislation that will impact the environment for decades and even centuries to come.

AMC, SCO and MKO urge all Canadians to join them in opposing and demanding the repeal of C-­‐38 and C-­‐45 for the sake of their children and of their grand-­‐children and of the generations to come.