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DisOrientation 2010 @ York University

Political and Social Justice - Radically Different, Politically Progressive

DisOrientation 2010 @ York University ::Taking Back OUR Campus!::

- Keele Campus: September 23 to October 1
- Workshops :: Actions :: Film Screenings :: FREE Concert
- ALL Welcome :: ALL Events are FREE & ACCESSIBLE :: Child Care Available

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What Would You Do?

I just saw this on my morning Facebook feed.

It's a clip from what looks like an intelligent tv show called "What Would You Do?"

It's about 6 minutes. Please watch before commenting.

YouTube clip here

The set-up is a public park on a bright sunny day. In full view, a young white man is trying to steal a bike, clearly does not have keys to the lock, and variously hammers, saws, uses bolt cutters and finally an electric saw to cut the chain. Over 100 people pass him, some look, but except for one couple they all do nothing, including not call the police.  

Some are interviewed after.

Sep 17, 2010

Books are not sacred

Well, Terry Jones backed off on the Koran burning. So what? Why should any rational person care if someone burns a Koran, or a Bible, the Sears catalogue or a Donald Duck comic book?


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