Sep 3, 2010
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Syilx, (left) and Chief Wayne Christian, Secwepemc, (right) with framed Memorial. Photo: Kerry Coast

The Wilfrid Laurier Memorial 100 years later

Kerry Coast
The leaders of three First Nations remember and reaffirm the irrefutable claims laid out in a letter a century ago, addressed to a prime minister who promised to meet their predecessors but never did.
Sep 3, 2010

Who is the next terrorist? Your neighbour next door!

Monia Mazigh
Four young men stand accused in Ottawa. When governments define what a terrorist is, it results in stereotyping, mistakes, and lost years for the wrongly accused. Ask Maher Arar and Mohamed Harkat.
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Freedom Rider: Prison Rape, America’s Torture


Movies and jokes told by stand up comics elicit bizarre interest or laughs if the subject is rape behind bars. The horror of sexual assault is usually not considered amusing, unless it takes place in America’s prison industrial complex.

Talking about prison rape means acknowledging the full horror of this nation’s reliance on the prison system to keep some groups, black American’s in particular, in a place of ultimate control and subservience. The 2 million person prison population is fully one half black, a statistic which in and of itself ought to create outrage and protest.

Sep 1, 2010

Israelis risk jail to smuggle Palestinians

Jonathan Cook
Six hundred have sign up for a campaign of civil disobedience, taking their neighbours out of the West Bank for day trips to the seaside, shopping malls, and to have 'some fun.'


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