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Book Review
Author image: Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society/Wikimedia Commons
Am Johal | "Remake the World" reads like a greatest hits package exposing the baked-in structural injustices that perpetuate political harm and give it its particularly hard-edged American form.
Protest marchers with megaphone. Image credit: Clay Banks/Unsplash
Penney Kome | In the 21st century protest songs offer music to live by, if not to march to.
Author image: Miguel Tremblay/Wikimedia Commons
Chelsea Nash | Karen Messing's new book is an intervention into the sex- and gender-based challenges of work.
Carnegie Community Centre
Jase Tanner | Artistic director of Theatre in the Raw Jay Hamburger discusses "Bruce: The Musical," a play about activist Bruce Eriksen, who started the Downtown Eastside Residents Association.
Book Review
Image: "Beep Beep Bubbie" and "The Mysterious Stones" book covers
Penney Kome | Two new children's books from Tradewind Books are perfect for these uncertain COVID times.
Unveiling of mural of Daisy Sweeney in Montreal's Little Burgundy neighbourhood, 2018. Image credit: Karl Nerenberg/
Karl Nerenberg | A new Heritage Minute marking Black History Month puts the spotlight on jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Before he rose to prominence, the musician had an important early mentor: his sister Daisy.
Actor Jason Sudeikis who plays the titular character in the TV program "Ted Lasso." Image credit: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr
Rick Salutin | Ted Lasso was a fictional U.S. coach signed to "manage" an English team without knowing it was a totally different sport. Now he has a series on Apple TV. What's his secret?
Mural depicting Pauli Murray. Image credit: abbyladybug/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The pioneering African-American legal scholar and organizer for racial and gender equality was celebrated this week at the annual Sundance Film Festival with the premier of a new documentary.
Image credit: National Film Board
Doreen Nicoll | When Daniel Schubert read that one-fifth of Canadian youth don't know what the Holocaust is, he documented his grandmother's incredible journey from Auschwitz to Winnipeg.
Book Review
Image credit: Alex Guibord/Flickr
Monia Mazigh | In her book, Natasha Bakht delves into the lived experiences of Muslim women who wear the niqab and documents the discrimination they face in Canada's legal and political systems.
Book Review
Michael Kooiman/Flickr
Karen Burson | Paul Weinberg's collection of essays features writing by some of Hamilton's most engaged, passionate, and articulate citizens.
Images:  Heather Cleveland, Stephan Reilly, Gabriela Vanden. Used with permission.
Victoria Fenner | Making video games and other forms of online entertainment are keeping media artists busy during this time. Two video game designers and a D.O.P. for film tell us how COVID is affecting them.