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LCBN Kick-start

Mar 18, 2020
406-68 Water St
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
Join the Latin-Canadian Business Network! (Networking + Keynote)
Book Review
Mar 12, 2020

A cold snap of secrets and omissions

Vincent Ternida
"Polar Vortex" is a psychological drama that tests a vulnerable relationship where two lovers who seemingly know each other are challenged by secrets omitted to keep the relationship working.
Mar 10, 2020
Image: PXHere

Hip hop and social justice in Montreal

Talking Radical Radio
Vishan Charamis and Maud Nevoret talk about a Montreal-based project called the Rap Battles for Social Justice.
Mar 11, 2020
Image: Sovereign Soil

'Sovereign Soil' feeds body and soul

Doreen Nicoll
"Sovereign Soil" looks at life and death, seasonal cycles, notions of time and how people are living in relative equilibrium with nature.


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