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Feb 22, 2010
Reel Injun explores the history of how Native Americans have been portrayed on film, from silent screen to Atanarjuat.

Reel Injun is real interesting

Paul Weinberg
Documentary explores the history of how Native Americans have been portrayed on film, from silent screen to Atanarjuat.
Sun, 02/21/2010

Montreal Serai

Our masthead says that our name is derived from the Persian word for resting place or place of transience. This etymology is  absolutely correct.  Many of us came to Montreal to rest from turmoil, to learn, to test the waters (or the proverbial snow) and to consolidate our position before returning home to  make a mark there. But Montreal has now become our physical dwelling and Montreal Serai is where our spirit dwells. What is absolutely untrue is that Montreal Serai  is a resting place.  Just the opposite: it is a space for artistic experimentation, intellectual ferment, political questioning and the creation of a new paradigm for what it means to be human.

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Sun, 02/21/2010

Fuze Magazine

FUSE is an arts and culture magazine for readers looking for in-depth coverage of innovative and alternative art practices. We don't cater to collectors or the mainstream profit-oriented art dealers, but look instead at art that is politically engaged and relevant to understanding our contemporary world. FUSE Magazine, with a thirty year publishing record, looks at the "why" as well as the "who" and the "what" of art-making, taking on the important issues of our time and relating them to art activity. People who want to understand the relationships between art, social change, activism, politics and the mass media should be reading FUSE!

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Book Review
Feb 18, 2010

A poetic call to action

Jorge Antonio Vallejos
Salimah Valiani, a queer activist of colour, brings readers to different places with very different views on what it is to educate and challenge through poetry, letters and memoir.
Feb 17, 2010 editor is CBC Literary Awards finalist

rabble staff
Squamish-based writer and editor Cathryn Atkinson has been named as a finalist in the short story category of the 2009 CBC Literary Awards for her story "The Nonsense of Waiting."
Feb 15, 2010

Indie Inside: Class War Kids

St. John's-based band Class War Kids have made a digital album to benefit victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Please download and donate at
Book Review
Feb 11, 2010

Downtown Eastside dreams

Megan Stewart
A Thousand Dreams tells the grim stories of missing women, sardine and cat food diets, illness and the crippled support systems that struggle to manage life in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


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