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Civil Liberties Watch

Street signs at intersection of Dundas and Sherbourne streets. Image: Video still
Humberto DaSilva | Anti-poverty activists and allies gathered to resist the installation of police surveillance cameras in downtown Toronto's poorest neighbourhood.
Anti-vaccine and anti-mask protest in U.K. Image credit: Steve Eason/Flickr
Rick Salutin | For those protesting masks and vaccines, it's always about freedom, revolving around noble, self-serving heroic individuals.
Candian flag. Image credit: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash
Philip Lee | Understanding the behind-the-scenes of how the internet and digital technologies function, including issues of privacy, security, and surveillance, has to be a part of public education.
Apartment building. Image credit: Artem Zhukov/Unsplash
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono | The story of one housing co-op's experience with eviction during the pandemic highlights some significant problems in our system that pre-date the pandemic but are exacerbated by it.
Detention centre fencing in Australia. Image credit: David Stanley/Wikimedia Commons
Justin Mohammed, Marisa Berry Mendéz | In the past year, detainees at the Immigration Holding Centre in Laval, Quebec have resorted to hunger strikes on three previous occasions, with the most recent taking place in past weeks.
A banner that says "Housing for All" is carried at the beginning of a housing rally in Toronto. Image credit: Cathy Crowe
Cathy Crowe | The term "social murder" has been aptly used to describe what happened in long-term care in this pandemic. Today's third wave exposes public health neglect for homeless people.
Mohammedou Ould Slahi. Image credit: International Committee of the Red Cross/Wikimedia Commons
Monia Mazigh | The infamous Guantanamo Bay prison was designed to be a no-man's land where torture can be carried out with total impunity and where the stigma applied to detainees will haunt them forever.
Lethbridge-West MLA Shannon Phillips as Alberta NDP environment minister in 2015. Image credit: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | The Lethbridge Police Service's apparent effort to undermine former NDP environment minister Shannon Phillips sure looks like a political campaign, not a proper investigation. Answers are required.
Indian soldiers, Kashmir, 2012. Image credit: flowcomm/Flickr
Karen Rodman | While on its surface, the restoration of 4G internet in Kashmir seems like positive news, it raises some questions, including: why now, and why would mainstream media pick up this story?
A tiny wooden shelter with a window and a lock on the door. Image: courtesy of Khaleel Seivwright from his website
Cathy Crowe | In a modern David and Goliath epic, the city of Toronto is threatening carpenter Khaleel Seivwright with legal action over his structures for homeless people.
Prime Minister Trudeau participates in an anti-Black racism protest, June 2020. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Matthew Behrens | Traditional opponents of draconian anti-terrorism instruments suddenly threw their support behind these measures when they were applied to the racist Proud Boys and other white supremacist groups.
Rally on Parliament Hill calling for justice for Hassan Diab. Image credit:
Frances Deverell | For Canadian professor Hassan Diab and his family, the case against him has been a battle against injustice that has gone on since 2008, almost 13 years.